Romeo Has More ‘Splaining To Do?

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.37.15 PMremember this is all romeo did?
shut up and look good?
well ever since he got with that snow bunny,
and his fan base turned on him,
he has been doing a lot of talking these days.
he cannot understand why they hate on his relationship.
how i miss the days he was “cute and silent”.
well he went on meredith viera to do some more explaining…

starts @3:30:

“I’ve dated girls as Black as Akon [and] as White as Casper,” said Romeo, who has received a lot of backlash since he first began seeing Toneata Morgan, who is White. “I don’t matter, it’s all about the heart, and she’s the one who captured my heart.”

death threats?
they are wayyyyyy too invested.
did he diss sistas for the snow bunnies or something?
i’m confused.
from his dating history,
i’ve only seen snow bunnies tho.
i thought this was common knowledge for him?
maybe he has confused “dating girls as black as akon” with “smashing”?
either way…
does he really need to explain?
he seems insecure about this.
if he found a snow bunny who got his heart,
go right ahead.
he has to understand tho…
his fan base was a majority of black vixens.
maybe he needs a memo on other black sex symbols.
the ones who dated snow bunnies and their careers took a turn.
(see: taye diggs)
it comes with the territory of being “cute and black”.
unless you have a black vixen on your arm,
you will be labelled “sell out”.
shut up and look cute.

lowkey: is it me or has he gotten better lookin with this bunny:

…or is it just me?
listen he could be dating a purple hoe with a hump
…and i’d still let him smash.tumblr_inline_n4v1egZoDU1sn4ufui don’t have the same hang ups.

pictures credited: instagram

18 thoughts on “Romeo Has More ‘Splaining To Do?

  1. Ain’t no one worrying about his relationship. Post pictures of her and move on man. I actually like Romeo tho. I’d pipe him.

  2. Once again, there goes another African-American male trying to justify his relationship. If that is what you want then so be it. As many have stated that we are still living in a racist environment everyday. Look at what is happening around us daily. If we are not killing ourselves then the others are doing. We just need to step back take a look at the situation. I admired the comments of the rest of the bloggers.

  3. You right his black ass should shut the fuck up. If you want to date a snow bunny then go ahead and live your life and shut the fuck up.

  4. the *issue* is that the consciousness amongst melinated people world-wide is self-love. We do not live in a post-racial society and are being crushed by white supremacy. Everything in nature that does so seeks to reproduce ITSELF. I see and recognize that very attractive and appealing “other” people exist on the planet. I WILL NOT be touched by any of them, period nor share any affection.

    It’s not a “preference,” it’s a CHOICE. Race traitors, die slow. I can’t imagine getting into the bed with someone of another ethnicity and watching the news broadcast black men being shot down in the streets.


    1. but why are they traitors if they date someone from outside their race?
      No, we are not in a post-racial society, but IMO we really should be there already. It doesn’t HAVE to be that serious.
      At the end of the day, I still agree with you, its a choice for some, preferences or self-hate for others, I just dont think people need to justify WHY they’re dating someone. Who’s it hurting? Everyone has their own demons to face, so just let them be, they’ll figure themselves out, and if not thatt’s their problem lol. Just date who you want and let it come naturally.

      1. We have different perspectives based on our respective levels of consciousness and socialization. I make no apologies for calling someone a race traitor when the only reason that those of us who are descendants of the maafa exist is because an enslaved AFRICAN woman did not kill her babies!

        So, no I will not be boo’d up with some ‘other’ when they can’t fit my shoes let alone walk across the room in ’em. It is what it is, but those that do should NOT get all in their feeling about how people perceive and pass judgment given the total unyielding assault we are under GLOBALLY.

        Hell Naw!

    2. Interesting perspective. I don’t 100% agree, but I think I kind of get a sense why other people care so much.
      I still think that with a perspective like that, the cycle of segregation, ignorance, and hatred will continue to reproduce itself because both sides will not lend an ear. It has to stop somewhere. JMO.
      Black people ARE under assault, especially black men right now, I get what you’re saying, but the more we are distrusting as a people, the more people will not trust US, and tbh thats ALWAYS been our problem as a people. We assume that because ONE person is bad, they’re ALL bad, which is foolish and riddled with logical flaws IMO. Considering “other” people don’t really understand black people BECAUSE we don’t share ourselves with other races, we cant afford to be distrusted further.
      My point is, what (or who) I decide to do is my business, and I wouldn’t mess with anyone who has some subliminal agenda, if that happens, then I’m at fault for falling for that. I just have a more individualistic perspective when it comes to people. Not everyone is out to get us, but as a black man we definitely need to watch out for those that are.

      I’m not trying to convince you to date “other” people if you don’t want to, that’s your decision, your opinion intrigued me.

      1. My hope for you is that the world you want to live in comes into being. My existence is an issue for the majority to the population on this planet. Ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome? The psychological state where the victim identifies with and sympathizes with their captor or abuser? Many of us suffer from that.

        If you are not actively seeking the destruction of racism/white supremacy, then you cannot share a life commitment with me because this system seeks my destruction. I cannot compartmentalize that reality and cocoon myself into a relationship with some “other” and couch it as my business when my logical response to the hate directed towards me is BLACK LOVE! ALL BLACK EVERYTHING!!

        Now, show me an example of a mixed-race couple where the one with the skin privilege is seeking to destroy their advantages and eliminate all that threatens the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of their melinated mate.

        Everything that’s good to you ain’t good for you! –Granny taught me that. I can go light-bright, damn-near white within my own culture and people. I’m good!

        And I will never trust a melinated person whose significant other is something else. It’s way past time for being lulled into a false existence of a ‘We Are The World” social construct when all we’ve done is conceded space and preached peace, love and forgiveness since we met them mofo’s. Not everyone wants to end white supremacy, some of us just want a more comfortable place in it. INCLUDING mating with their oppressor. That’s some sick shit.

        Respect, peace & blessings!

      2. Wow!!
        You sir, have given me a lot to think about with your post. I still stand by my stance, but I see where you’re coming from.
        Yes, I have heard of Stockhom Syndrome, and when you put it like that, the pieces of the puzzle come together.

        As for the mixed couple: if the so-called “advantaged” person believes they are advantaged because of their skin colour or ethnicity, then with that mentality, its not really a relationship worth having tbh. In such a case, a healthy relationship would look more like the “we are the world” type perspective, and considering there are people out there that believe that, I believe its possible. Its all in your perception of it I think.

        “And I will never trust a melinated person whose significant other is something else. It’s way past time for being lulled into a false existence of a ‘We Are The World” social construct when all we’ve done is conceded space and preached peace, love and forgiveness since we met them mofo’s. Not everyone wants to end white supremacy, some of us just want a more comfortable place in it. INCLUDING mating with their oppressor. That’s some sick shit.”

        ^ this is a prime example of what we all need to work on as human beings I think. This is bigger than Black vs. White issues, its a “not letting it go” issue from both sides. We will never understand each other until we step up. Alas, I dont think that will happen anytime soon.

        Thanks for sharing your perspective with me, I learned something from you, and on a deeper level I feel you, but I just dont feel as strongly about it.

        Respect, peace, & blessings to you too man! I hope the world I want to live in comes in to being as well, i think its time for us to grow as human beings.

  5. To be honest it’s not fair I feel that people should date who they want but he shouldn’t be confused why people hate on it. I mean come on Romeo, I do think he is a little slow though.Jamari your right about Taye Diggs and also you remember Wesley Snipes saying he won’t date another black women look at his pitiful career now lol. I wonder will the same thing happen to Omari Hardwick career since those pics surfaced of his wife.

  6. Am I the only one getting tired of every single black person feeling the need to discuss their interracial relationship on TV or in front an audience of mostly white eyes and ears. First there was Kanye West, then there was Michael Sam, and now Romeo. And notice every single person that does this has fallen off in someway or another. Tamera Mowry has been milking her interracial marriage for the past two or so years. What more could you say?

    1. No, you’re not the only one. In fact, I’m just tired of people acting like interracial dating automatically means something deeper. Like, who cares? If they have self-hate, thats on them, but don’t assume something like that about people when you don’t even know them, and if they are indeed self-hating, what’s it to you? I dont get people’s obsession with other people’s business.
      I dont understand the need to justify my personal life if I’m not hurting anyone. If you don’t like it, ot think I have a problem, kick rocks. I don’t need to explain myself to a bunch of idiots who dont have the intelligence to comprehend anything worthwhile anyway.
      They are in their 20’s just date and fck whoever the fck you want. Its your life.End of story.
      Romeo mostly dates snow-vixens, maybe thats his preference, maybe he doesnt like black women, i may or may not like it, but he doesnt have to explain it.
      I dont like it from both parties: the people who are so consumed by it to have a problem, and the people who feel the need to justify it acting like they’re so special or unique because they’re in an interracial relationship.
      Why is this even a thing anymore? its 2015! People need to grow up. Its getting sad. lol

  7. LMAO! After looking at the pictures of them together, which are very few on his page so I’m assuming he deleted some, I’m sure this is a arrangement.

    ZERO sexual chemistry for two people in their 20s. Every picture gives me “studying with my black friend on campus”, not “im riding that bbc/im tearing that pink pussy up!”

    Something about Romeo is kinda off…

    1. “Something about Romeo is kinda off…”

      I thought I was the only one who felt that way.
      I think he’s attractive but I’m not checking for him. He seems like a cool dude, but there’s just something I can’t put my finger on that puts me off.

  8. I’m sure he would smash (or get smashed) He got a few secrets and she is merely a prop…

  9. Eghh I do and please don’t confuse this with that “I’m not a self hater its just my preference nonsense.” Who cares either way. Let him receive all the love and hell they’ll be bound to give him one day.

  10. When will we learn? If these dumb pineapples want to date and marry these white/exotic women, LET THEM!

    They know they better stay rich because these white women are usually born into some degree of wealth or they are used to dating someone with it. They’re not going to stay with you if you lose it all and help you hustle to get it back!

    Of course there are exceptions. Some of these white/exotic women are indeed ride or die and black women can be golddiggers.

    However, I get zero chemistry from their pictures together. They don’t seem very into each other to me. I’m more inclined to believe this is one of those hollywood P.R. arrangements.

  11. Shit forget smash I’ll let him destroy lol

    I really don’t care I mean let’s remember this guy had a show on Nickelodeon lol date whoever you want there was no need to go on tv to talk about since no one is checking for you. Like stated shut up and be cute.

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