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magic_forest__by_lentilcia-d4p1oukokay so i did something today i have never done before.
“before” i was nervous about doing it.
“today” i tried it and it blew every inch of my mind…

so i was tired.
i went to bed at like 530am.
i woke up off and on during the morning.
i had a few texts from my homegirl,
the pretty vixen,
asking me if i wanted to go somewhere with her.
i texted her back:


she replied:

“to my psychic”

i never did one of those before.
i was open to trying it,
but coming from super duper religious parents,
i thought it was wrong.
well not today.


she told me meet her at like 130ish.

i met her down in the city.
she told me how this psychic was on point with her reading.

her boss leaving
her taking on a new position
how someone cut her hair out of jealousy

everything came true.

“how much is it?”

“i paid 40 when i went.”

not bad.
i paid all my bills and i had a few dollars left over.
why not?
when we got to the spot,
her psychic didn’t answer the door.
i guess she didn’t see us coming.














“ha ha”?
not even a little?

so we stood outside there for 15 minutes.
we called.
bye bye.

when we were walking to the first place,
i saw a sign for another spot up the street.
the pretty vixen was hesitant,
but look,
i didn’t come out and get dressed for nothing.
i was going to get some kind of palm reading today.

when we got to the other psychic,
we rang the buzzer and she was there.
she immediately let us in.
we walked up a long flight of stairs,
which felt like an eternity,
to a cozy apartment with an older vixen at the door.
she seemed very nice.
i didn’t get bad vibes from her spirit.

“who wants to go first?”

i stepped up as pretty vixen sat on the couch.

i felt so nervous,
but i decided i was doing it for fun.
she brought me to a round table in her hallway and told me close the door.
as soon as i sat down,
she told me to shuffle these tarot cards and separate them by “3”.
as soon as i did,
she told me to make a wish.
she said a prayer after.

she pulled the top cards off the 3 decks.
i can’t remember the other two,
but one had knives on it.
she begins to tell me how i’m in some kind of love triangle.
she said its me,
someone else,
and another person.
the knives represented the jealousy i was feeling.


he picks up how jealous i get and does things to how i would react.
she told me how someone in my life is drawn to me like a magnet.
she said that i am also drawn to them as well.
i began to tell her about work wolf.


she said that he never thought about the same sex before.
i came into his life and stirred up feelings he didn’t know he had.
he said he is scared of people finding out the things we do.
she said this is why he is so back and forth.
he doesn’t want to do it,
but he is really attracted to me.
she said some other things i can’t remember right now,
but when she said how he leaves his department to come see me,
and how he is always looking to see where i am
this was me:
giphyshe said i need to curb my jealousy and let it happen.
she said its going to happen,
but i need to let it manifest.
she said he uses girls as validation like:

“look i can get this vixen and that one”

…and also to keep up appearances with his family and people.
she said that when he is home,
or even with vixens,
that he fantasizes about me.


she shuffles the cards and tells me put my hand on them.
i can ask her one question.
we damn near talked about work wolf for 20 minutes.
i asked her about my career.
she told me pull 3 cards and put them on the table.
i ended up grabbing:

a king

she said that i do something that helps a lot of people.
its also very popular.
she said that what i do will make me live comfortably.
that is what the money card meant.
the card with the king on it meant someone famous will be involved.
that person will be the one to discover me and put me on.
she sees an investment on their part.
she said i’m going to need help.
the last card meant it will all happen pretty soon.
when she said that i’m anonymous and that helps in what i do…
again this was me:

she told me that everyone who has passed are watching over me.
they want me to be happy and often try to communicate with me.
i literally had a dream about my mother the night before.
i gave birth to a baby in a tub and she was there.
don’t ask about how i gave birth to a baby.

this woman was on point.
i swear i say on my life that i didn’t say a thing to her.
i’m also not making this up.

hell when she read the pretty vixen,
she also told her truths about herself.

her recent break up
the wolf she is with now
the jealousy of other vixens
where she is from
how she didn’t choose her original career path and she should have

we both left there feeling exposed.
it was like some stranger knew all our secrets.
i want to go back,
but i think i’ll leave it at this experience and take it all in.
…well maybe.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

39 thoughts on “Read Me Now For Free Psychic Reading”

  1. That’s deep. I worked with a guy that swore that this psychic he used to see was the real deal. I usually dismissed him but you’re making me rethink that decision. I’m definitely at a crossroads right now and some guidance would be helpful

    1. ^now some are bullshit,
      but this one………!

      when she said:

      “i help a lot of people who are just like me.
      they are lonely…”

      i nearly fuckin’ screamed.

      1. Give more details about her location . I would love to take a visit , but there are so many streets and ‘cuts’ near Macy’s , I would never know where to go.

  2. J, them psychics are FOR FUCKING REAL bruh. I promise you that.

    Around 2007, my and my ex-best friend went to see one. I did the same card thing you did & she told me how someone with a name that starts with J was extremely jealous of me & to watch for them. (Not you Jamari, lol) Guess who’s name started with a J & who ended up turning on me?

    Shit is eerie, but real.

      1. BRUH. It was crazy. I still tell people about it to this day… She was spot on & it happened about a month or two later. She didn’t know my friend’s name from the get-go, so for her to see that was so wild.

        I can’t say that my conscious doesn’t eat at me sometimes though. Believing in the Heavenly Father the way we do, you feel like you’re betraying your faith, you know? I still get the urge to go to one again though, lol.

        (The one I saw was in the Village, btw.)

  3. Mmm chile, I feel like it’s only a matter of time before Work Wolf pounces lol.

    Now you got me wanting to go to a psychic but I’m scared 🙁

  4. Ohhhh creepy 👻 ( in a good way) this lady was spot on about your life and feelings. Damn you got me wanting to find one down here Atlanta.

  5. rule number 1: Never tell the psychic anything. If they’re legit, they should be the only ones talking. They can deduce a lot with the smallest piece of info and tell you what you want to hear. Most people are coming to psychics for love problems and career advice.

    One tried to read me for free, but I have a incredible poker face and I gave no reaction to any of the things she said. They’re skilled at manipulation. I finally told her she could keep reaching, but all her information was wrong.

    1. Yeah, I am sceptical about these people too tbh. They can use any word you say to extract info from you, and repackage it in a way that suits your fancy. I would only go to these people for fun, not reality.

      Idk, maybe I should try one out to see for myself, but it doesn’t interest me, especially if I have to pay! LOL! Still an interesting experience though Jamari! I would take it with a grain of salt though!

      1. ^i just texted the pretty vixen about if the psychic asked her questions d.
        she said nope.
        like me,
        she never said anything about herself to tip her off.
        the psychic lead everything with the both of us.

    2. ^she didn’t ask me anything.
      i didn’t even speak first.
      i sat down,
      she shuffled the cards,
      and it was off to the races.
      i never mentioned anything about my career.
      i went in with the same thought as you.

      1. Oh I see.
        It’s still not for me, but honestly, as long as you enjoyed your experience, I don’t see the harm (aside from your wallet LOL).

    3. I am with you. I thought of visiting one, but I do not want to waste my money or have a person give me false hope.

  6. That’s creepy, also very intriguing. I always believed physics were a bunch of nonsense, but she was spot on about you.

  7. Wow, I am speechless, I always have wanted to go to a psychic but have been too afraid that she might draw a death card or something bad, so I stay away from them but my curious nature has me wondering what my future holds. Also as someone who had a religious grandmother I still funny even thinking about a psychic consultation, she would give you a big side eye saying anything like this was the work of the devil. Many old school black religious people even think some of the practices of Catholics are not holy like praying to Mary and lighting candles so any type of psychic advice might as well come from Satan in their eyes LOL.

    Now personally, I believe she was legit in everything she told you, I believe many of us have special gifts to be able to read people and pick up on their energy. I have always been able to tell many things about someone after just spending a short amount of time around them and I have had this gift since I was a child. It is like I have always had a sixth sense about people and their character and whether they were out to do me harm. I believe your psychic had the gift and she was right on time about work wolf, many on here have already called it about him and his actions toward you. I am much more interested in your career taking off in a new and exciting direction. I know you are blown away by her gift but listen and take heed to what she is saying.

  8. Guess I’m a cynic. Lol

    I would’ve been curious if she figured out you were into men before you mentioned it.

    I dealt with a lot of people who “claimed” to be psychics in the psychiatric field and they all do the same shit. Make a general statement, gauge your reaction, and then get you talking so they can respond accordingly.

    Its definitely a skill if they’re good at it.

    1. You’ve made some eye-opening points I must say. Now that you mentioned it I kinda see where you’re coming from. It does make sense that they will make their predictions based on your body language & reactions & manipulate everything

    2. I actually took a class on that. Reading body language is a wonderful skill. Many psychics do like you say and they use cold signs to read but trust their are some gifted in the world.

  9. Wow everything she said made a lot of sense. I have to admit this work wolf thing has me hooked. Good luck Jamari and I know your career track is going to pick up. Yes some psychics are bullshit others are good I see one in DC named Victoria on U Street a few doors down from Ben’s Chilli Bowl. She is the business.

  10. I will literally run laps around my house if/when this WW thing comes to fruition. LAPS.

    I don’t know what to think anymore. lol. But I’m gonna go pick out running shoes today.


  11. Be careful with those psychics J. I come from a family who practices the supernatural. And although their readings are true they will soon trap you into doing $300 financial blessings, and entice you to work dark magic against your enemies. Dead ass my mom was so wrapped into my Aunt doing work for her that she used to go to the grave yards and pay the spirits herself. Those same spirits came back and gave her a nervous breakdown. Long story short I am VERY familar with the supernatural but seeing the dark side has made me pull closer to the lord. God knows all and he has a plan for our life. When you go to these psychics it’s like a betrayal of his word. It’s like you are trying to over ride them. When I was young I couldn’t understand why all my uncles/aunts/ family friends who had these powers suffered so much but that was the reason why.

    1. This is reading as a major scam to me. $300 sessions?

      Guys, in most cases, psychics are not going to tell you what you don’t already know. The information is within your own sub-concious and they are using body language and social cues to draw it out of you. I’m sure they would say something similar to what I’m about to say: the answers you seek are already within you, you don’t need an external source. Meditation, self-reflection and an understanding of oneself is the best psychic you can afford; its free!

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