Ray Edwards Has A Nicccccceeeeeeeee Football

Ray Edwards is a nice piece of meat.
I am sure he has a nice piece too.
I’d like to un-wrap that present after a glass of Merlot and a nice dinner at CATCH.
Coinky dink?

This is all I got.
I am currently on the floor after seeing the following pictures…

I could do with 3 or 4 good orgasms from Ray after dinner.
Shout out to the reader who gave me the heads up!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Ray Edwards Has A Nicccccceeeeeeeee Football”

    1. Most guys that big aren’t going to be but so defined – he looks good, though I’m not feeling the teeny weeny ‘fro. I just have the feeling he goes with the flow…if you peak his interest, he’s smashing

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