Ramses Principe Takes A Good Picture x 2

do you see ^this,

ramses principe is absolute perfection.
take it all in.
we discussed ( x ramses photo shoot in the last entry ).
well he released two bonus shots on his ig…

i want more!!!!!
i say!!!

lowkey: even tho he is all muscle,
his tail looks so soft.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Ramses Principe Takes A Good Picture x 2”

  1. I dont..no need to wear underwear. But some of them are not tight fit like the ones he is wearing. But some guys do wear underwear below them.

    1. ^thanks for answering d!

      i would imagine that would get stuffy if you wore draws underneath.
      everything looks better when they are worn alone.

  2. When a man that is known to have a bawdy can just put a tshirt on and make it look good…he got it…and he can get it.

  3. Definitely looks good…and the body is on point! From the side he looks incredible, but from the front the quads are too big. And these kats and all these tats are becoming a turn off. A few here and there are okay, but damn near painting your whole body is crazy. That ink seeps into the body and can get you sick.
    Guess they’re not worried about that.

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