Ramses Principe Is A Nice Lookin’ Package

tumblr_o7e3r1PUN21ruoosjo1_1280so ^this is not spanish.
allegedly it is all “arab” “venezuelan”.
i’ll just label ramses principe:

“fine as hell”

…and call it a day.

lowkey: i love how he knows he isn’t packing in the front.
proudly still takes pictures with no fucks to give.

that tail of his tho…
and his vixen is gorgeous.
i’ll allow it all.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Ramses Principe Is A Nice Lookin’ Package”

  1. He was overweight if you see his before and after pics on the gram. He is beyond handsome and devoted to fitness. I admire his work ethic.

  2. Damn we sleep on Arab and Middle Eastern men in general. A lot of them are always packing in the back when they workout.

  3. Ramses is not Arab…he is Venezuelan. He came to the US as a child that did not speak English. He was overweight about 5 years ago before he got into fitness. I only know because ive been crushing on him for a minute lol

  4. “i love how he knows he isn’t packing in the front.
    proudly still takes pictures with no fucks to give.”

    There is a doctoral dissertation in that sentence. Your blog has taught me a lot over the past couple of years. Mostly, it has reaffirmed my conviction that my decision to limit my exposure to “gay culture” to brief and exciting encounters with carefully chosen individuals. Reading through the comments of your daily posts paints a depressing picture of a community working overtime to destroy each other. The quest for unattainable physical perfection, the creation of idealized visions of relationships that no human interaction could possibly live up to, the desperate need to put everybody into a box (top, bottom, queen etc) feels like a bizarre desire to break out of the prison of one of societies biggest taboos only to buy a new set of chains. Thank you very much for being the occasion of my education and for reinforcing the locks on my closet.

    1. ^jay,
      you are one of my favorites.
      you are an extremely intelligent wolf and i love to hear what you have to say.
      my issue is you took something that was minor and blew it up into a big deal.
      i don’t care if his dick is big or small.
      my statement wasn’t to disrespect him.
      it was actually a joke,
      but i think he knows he isn’t packing.
      i wouldn’t kick him out of bed either.
      i don’t particularly care for big dicks and his,
      with the bawdy he has,
      would be just fine for me.
      im confused at your entire paragraph,
      but if you feel that way,
      i won’t try to change your mind.
      and even if I was serious,
      that’s my opinion.
      if others agree with that opinion,
      then we are a small piece of a very large pie.

      1. I wasn’t being critical. I could tell that you were joking. My comment was based on the fact that such a joke is possible. This obviously gorgeous man would immediately be defined by that one “perceived” flaw. Your joke works because its premise is so true. It’s the premise itself that makes me glad that my emotional health isnt subject to evaluation by gay culture. Hurt people hurt people. So many of us have had to fight against the evil thrown at us by the rest of the world that our defense mechanism is to throw it back. Attack before being attacked. Judge before being judged. You do refreshingly little of that. your comment section, on the other hand, occasionally becomes the star chamber of judgement, Im sure I contribute more than a little to that myself. Im sorry if my comment felt like a personal attack. It wasnt.

        1. ^my issue is that vixens would say the same thing as well.
          you made it a “gay” issue.
          there are plenty of vixens who will comment on the size of a man’s dick.

          terrence howard
          brain j white
          brad pitt

          ive heard more black vixens make comments about the sizes of their dicks than gays.

  5. I hear you. In my experience, only vixens who spend lots of time around gay men would go there. And the fact that, even then, they tend to be “black vixens” reinforces my notion of hurt people hurting people. Happily, my life is full of vixens who regularly overlook all kinds of perceived imperfections in favor of deeper personal connections. I also know lots of gay men who seem to hate themselves and others because they dont look like they think they did when they were 25. Above all, I believe to each his own. If being hyper-critical and physically superficial makes somebody happy, then I am happy for him. As for me, I find people who are comfortable in their own skin: dark, saggy, flabby and wrinkled though it may be, far sexier and lovable than others. And, when the mood calls for other-worldly physical perfection, such is available for a few hundred dollars per hour in every city of at least medium size.

    1. Breaks out in laughter with tears flowing down my face

      Also, can we leave the black vixens out of this since white vixens and gays are notorious for craving big dicks. Hell if you want to go even further and compare the two I will have to say in my experience black vixens and gays have better pussy and ass that is tight.


  6. I thought we discussed this – what you see isn’t necessarily what you get. If we still don’t understand that a penis can expand four fold in some cases, we are all doomed. Plenty of men are growers and not show-ers. Let’s be better.

  7. He goes to my gym @la fitness in Miami! He got a fat ass I got videos up close! I see him there often with his Lil yorkie

      1. I’ll probably sound like a creep, but I have photos I took with my other phone from his SnapChat Stories. That’s how attractive I find this man! They’re low quality, but they get the job done…LoL
        Just let me know if you would like them sent to you and I’ll try to edit them.

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