Foxhole Book Club: No More Mr. Nice Guy (Epilogue)

nomoremrniceguy-620x350-620x350-1-1ya know,
i didn’t even know “9” was the last chapter.
i thought there was more reading of “no more mr. nice guy”.
clearly not.
well i definitely came to the epilogue,
but i have a few thoughts

after reading this book,
i realized how much i have put others before me.
their thoughts and opinions.
i tried everything in my power to be this “nice guy”.
it was really bad.
i cared way more than i should.
ever since i started incorporating the practices from “break free”,
i have noticed a difference in how i interact with others.
even though mi gets on my nerves,
i realized she just lives here.
i don’t need to really see her if i don’t want to.
my job has also gotten more less “nice”.
so far,
it has been working out.
my happiness and success always come first.
i’m actually still on the “no get off” fast 2 weeks now.
i see that i have more self control than i thought.

even though i have other issues,
i only see whats in front of me.
i think ww was taking out my life because i needed to see that.
it was all about him and what he thought of me.
i was becoming obsessed with him,
and even though he still lingers in my mind,
i’m starting to care much less and moving on slowly.
it has been tough,
but i recently took the effort in letting go completely.

phone number erased

giphybig step.
i don’t think he will contact me anymore,
and quite frankly,
i’m starting to be okay with that.
the future for me is the foxhole.
i am working towards taking this brand to the next level.
anything else,
i won’t entertain.

tumblr_m87jr5vmDp1qmomweo1_500i’m thankful for those who joined me on this book club.
it was truly an experience every week.
i don’t want to stop here.
if anyone has any other book suggestions for the book club,
please share.
i’m always open for us to reach new levels together.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Foxhole Book Club: No More Mr. Nice Guy (Epilogue)

  1. You go boy(Gina from Martin voice) I’m glad you deleted work wolf number it’s his lost not yours. Kudos on focusing on yourself and your brand, you deserve it. I don’t have suggestions on books, but I would like to suggest or demand that you bring back your erotic sex stories you use to write, they were hot lol.

  2. I’m proud of you J! Now for the Book Club, Instinct by TD Jakes, David and Goliath by Malcom Gladwell(favorite author) and last but not least Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johson. I really enjoyed reading all three of them but my favorite was Who Moved My Cheese.

    I’m 101% with you on this self-discovery journey. We are all in this together.

    With love, all the way from Austin TX


  3. Proud of you and glad to be apart of the journey with this book with you and the foxhole.

    As far as suggestions on new books to keep this club going I have a few but I need to know, do they have to be of the self help variety or can it be any kind of book?

    My suggestions:

    — Finding True Love in a Man-Eat-Man World: The Intelligent Guide to Gay Dating, Sex. Romance, and Eternal Love
    By Craig Nelson

    — For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Still Not Enough: Coming of Age, Coming Out, and Coming Home
    by Keith Boykin

    — How to Ejuculate and shoot further.
    By Woody Miller (when you’re off your no jacking cleanse)

    — The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham
    by Esther Hicks

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