quincy brown wants us to know his face is perfect

i think quincy brown is “handsomes”.
not only is he “handsomes” but he has wild charisma.

even his step father knows he is “handsomes”.

he was born to be a star.
see what i did there?

quincy was blessed with one of those faces to look at all day but Foxhole,
why “come” he did this..


Please tell me he didn’t add a face tatt to that beautiful face of his?

is there something else going on?

…because i hope this is one of those tatts that will vanish after a few days.

lowkey: he always comes off like “hubby material” than “one nighter”.
i could be wrong…

11 thoughts on “quincy brown wants us to know his face is perfect

  1. Just a quick update, I guess he received a lot of criticism for the face tattoo because he just posted that he went in to have it removed.

  2. I believe the tattoo is just to promote his current project, hopefully it is temporary if not hopefully it can be covered up with makeup.

    2nd point, y’all need to stop the lying, Quincy is fine; that’s a good looking 32 year-old man. The reality is his biological father Al B. Sure was 80’s , 90’s heartthrob fine and Quincy is a carbon copy of his father; Quincy is just light skin his father is black and his mother was Kim Porter and she was black.

    I know colorism is real and I’m glad we’re in a space where we can appreciate our darker skin people out here like Morris Chestnut, Travante Rhodes, iIdris Elba etc, but we’ve got to stop acting our light skin people are only attractive because they are light, there are plenty of light skin people who aren’t cute or attractive.

    As a side note I wonder if anyone has an opinion on why Quincy hasn’t had a substantial career in the entertainment industry given who his parents are with all of their connections.

    1. Al B Sure is clearly mixed w something. Trust, my eyes aren’t colorist or racist; fine is fine. But Quincy looks like a blank slate w shiny, curly hair, to me, just like his father. Like I said, he’s not UNattractive, he’s cute, but there are a lot of much more attractive (based on their actual features, etc) guys w the light-skinned/mixed ‘look’. Boris, Shemar, Jesse Williams, Ginuwine…I could go on and on.

  3. Unrelated to the topic but Every day I hope he drifts away from Diddys ways and teachings he may have picked up from him.

  4. Maybe it’s fake. Hopefully. But I NEVER got into this young man. He isn’t unattractive, but he definitely benefits from the mixed privilege bonus points black ppl love to give out. IMHO. He just looks very average to me.

    1. It’s not like his “music” sells. He had to do something for 5 seconds of publicity 🤷🏿‍♂️

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