the limiting beliefs of jamari fox (slow down)

the Foxhole is known for fonting about sexy males,
and piping hot tea on occasion.
we have a good time in this neck of the woods.

My bread and butter has always been sharing my struggles and trauma.

that is usually what i get messages about.
i’ve gotten messages from Foxholers in countries where they can’t be themselves.
those folks have lived vicariously and found their healing through my words.
so it’s not a shocker when i strip naked with you.

Last night in therapy,
we had to do an exercise about forgiveness.
It is on the road map to healing.

i wrote my limiting beliefs that i wanted to share.
it’s something i was gonna keep private but i wanted The Foxhole to see it.
it could help someone else…

  • Men don’t like me because I’m not masculine like the other boys
  • I’m ostracized because I think I’m the problem
  • I always attract curious DL men that play games and discard me
  • Men always hurt me and treat me like trash while loving the worst kinds of people
  • Money is hard to get when you don’t have certain things or skills to get it
  • I’m stupid and not smart like other people
  • People don’t support me
  • People hurt me and then leave my life
  • The people who hurt me laugh and see me as a joke
  • I wasn’t raised right
  • I’m scared
  • I am being ignored because it’s something I did
  • I’ll never be like everyone else
  • I not like everyone else
  • People don’t like me because I’m gay
  • People are judging me because I’m gay and this is why I’m the problem
  • I’m not accepted
  • I’m unlovable
  • I’m not enough even though I try to be

the goal is to take all of those things and find the source of where they were born from.
once i find the source,
i have to rewrite the statements of how those things aren’t true.

It’s correcting the limiting beliefs so I can release them.

thank you for allowing me to let my fur down.
i hope this can help someone out there finally be free too.

lowkey: i may share the rewrite.
lemme think about it.

3 thoughts on “the limiting beliefs of jamari fox (slow down)

  1. Thank you again for sharing, Jamari, and these limiting beliefs are ones so many of us, especially Black gay men, carry around. I also appreciate that you let us know you don’t have all the answers, but your sharing and your journey truly are a comfort and aid for others. You are letting us know we are not alone. Thank you again, and wishing the best on your journey to healing.

  2. I definitely appreciate you sharing your journey of healing, in a way you speak for allot of us! Your aware of many of the issues we face, you speak on it, you don’t act like you have a solution. Imo your the best writer/blogger I’ve follow. Keep it up🫶🏿

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