Pray For Crystal Westbrooks

tumblr_nxs4krbKRY1txranpo1_1280many of us try to be deep when a scandal happens.
whether it be “black lives matter” or armageddon,
all the attentionistos/nistas turn their pages completely around.
it goes from “thot shots” to “john 3: 16”.
well that is what crystal westbrooks did yesterday.
i know.
she stars on that reality show,
“the westbrooks”.
i know.
that random show we see a thousand commercials about on bet.
not interested.
in light of the tragedy in paris,
she posted the following on her gram…

IMG_0097posing like a model with the backdrop of new yawk?
i’m trying to get it.
i think.
people thought it was a little insensitive so they dragged her.
it caused her to change her status to this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.01.56 AMwell the dragging continued well into the night.
so finally she edited and posted this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.00.00 AMoh crystal…
you’re “acting” confused.
i love when people are “insensitive” and wonder why they got punched in the face.
look i’m sure there was something “genuine” behind the words.
we all felt it.
it reminded us that the world is all too “real” right now.
its the picture crystal.
the picture screamed:

look at how sexy i look sprawled out on this funky couch!
oh and pray for paris while you are at it.”

┬áthats the part that didn’t look genuine.
thats what got your notifications on “off” today.
you coulda went and got you a nice pre-made meme.
judging from this picture tho:

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.40.35 AM…should i be surprised?
btw: nice couch.

200i want the foxhole to send their prayers to paris,
especially the families of the victims.
i hope my french foxhole is okay.
i’m with you in prayer.

lowkey: i thought that show was about russell westbrook’s family.
i was sadly mistaken.
they just giving reality shows to randoms nowadays,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Pray For Crystal Westbrooks”

  1. Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie pulled a similar stunt ,got dragged and deleted pics.She posted a pic of her posing in designer outfit with Eiffel Tower in background and slapped a pray for Paris caption.

  2. This is just exposing how self-absorbed some of these women and men are. They want attention at any cost and they’ve become oblivious. I don’t get why BET gave that show to a family of attention whores.

    Only non-black, exotic women can be famous for nothing.

    Prayers up for Paris!

    1. ^word.
      bad enough bet playing the same commercials every week for the show.

      everyone who went to paris gonna throw up a picture of them eating a croissant.
      “pray for paris” as the status.

      1. Whoever is running BET needs to give it up. I never thought I’d see the day where I could literally remove that channel from my cable and not give it a single thought. Their programming is just awful.

        OWN is bad too. She needs to stop working with Tyler Perry and those contrived shows he makes. It’s beneath her. Iyanla Fix My Life is the only decent show on the network.

  3. @Y Colette: Those shows are kind of forgettable to me. When Iyanla has good guests the show is good! That last one with Olympic Figure skater had me glued to the screen. She needs more guests like that.

    1. Did you see Debi Thomas is back with her abusive alcoholic husband living in the trailer park? So it may have been compelling to watch her I,yanla is not equipped to counsel mentally ill people.Many of her guests are in the situations they were in prior to being on her show.She is not a trained counselor.So it may be entertaining,it’s not effective in the long term for many of the people who appear on that show.

      1. I was impressed she even recognized she was mentally ill. She was given the opportunity to get help and she refused. I bet she’s getting SSI for her diagnosis.

        I’ve sat in on psychologists and psychiatrist sessions and trust she could’ve done worse lol

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