Jon Moody Can Paint Me (I’ll Allow It)

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 3.09.35 AMokay that didn’t come out right.
anyway so you know i love a wolf with talent.
i also like a wolf with bawdy.
if you have both,
then you are the ultimate package.
well everyone meet jon moody from “nawlins”.
he was a “track and field” pre baller wolf with…

…a handsome face,
nice bawdy,
and a new career?
he is an artist.
check out his work:

…and i’m his.
his work been featured in the white house,
as well as on “empire”.
he also does celebrities as well:

i love when talent starts to get recognized.
i’m impressed.
he is conscious with his art which i love.
it also helps that he is nice to look at.
his body is a “work of art”:
Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 3.43.06 AM
Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 3.32.34 AM“ba boom boom ching”?
either way:
155074_originali was trying not to “ratchet” this one up.
well go head mister jon moody.
i’ll be watching from the foxhole.
you have a fan in me.
maybe one day,
you can paint me.
i’d like that.

lowkey: as you know its all fun and games,
but jon is straight until proven otherwise.
just an fyi before you get excited.

visit jon moody on: his website | instagram

 x check out an interview with jon on fox 8

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Jon Moody Can Paint Me (I’ll Allow It)”

  1. He has great talent and I wouldn’t mind getting a piece from his collection, but most likely it is out of my range. Lil’ Wayne needs to be paying bills instead of buying art.

    Jon must be on steroids because his penis is smaller than a vienna.

    1. Stupid bitchass judging a flaccid dick. He’s in running tights why would he be running with a hard on. So, stupid!

  2. Look thru my experiences of growing up in the art world (cause my mom is an artist and I’m going to an art school) sexual orientation often get murky. Don’t get me wrong people who paint flowers and such aren’t sexual free unlike artists that paint nudes and people cause those are the ones that fuck basically anyone just as long they got a hole.

      1. Another thing is boyfriend/girlfriend title is not used a lot o never, you’re basically their muse that is just to inspire them and to have sex with, but nothing serious because they will find a new muse to replace you like nothing.

        Photographers are a little bit different tho. It true that photographers do sleep with their models (male ♀ no restriction) but they tend to be assholes. I heard stories how models were force to sleep with photographers because some of them threaten to withhold their photos etc. They are more like a rapist and blackmailer

  3. hold on, let me get comfortable Jon i would like you to paint me, with only my chain on….(scene form Titanic) DAMN he fine AND talented.

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