Power (F*cked)

sdFNAwe gotta be careful who we give our power to.
like seriously….

we can give it to someone who can use it against us.
the worst is giving our power to someone who doesn’t even care if we died tomorrow.
that is the worse because we don’t even exist to them.
what would happen once they found out?
the problem with giving our power is that we usually give it to those who aren’t worth it.
those who will string us along,
ignore us,
or create emotional drama because they know:

“i got em”

tumblr_lnqedvRvJ71qh9e7ho1_500it can start to effect our health,
make us depressed,
and even suicidal.
so how can this be avoided?
do we act like we are better than everyone?
becoming cold and not let anyone in to betray us?
or is exchanging power just the rules of the game?
we can’t be open to others if we don’t let them in.
the problem is giving it to those who don’t matter.
giving it to those who don’t even know we matter.
i had to wonder about the power we have.
some people guard it with their lives.
they don’t let anyone get the best of them.
everything is always a mutual healthy exchange.
the rest…
well we gave it away so easily to the wrong people.
now that they have it,
or don’t even know they do,
i had to ask…

How do you get your power back?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Power (F*cked)”

  1. Another eye opener post, good job man!

    We are not meant to be alone, therefore, at some point we are going to let people into our lives. We’re not meant to hold up walls, so we will eventually let the guard down to open up to people we deem worthy. Unfortunately, we do so, with those who turn out not to be worthy and that’s when our power is able to be used and abused. In order to regain our power, we must fisrt realize it’s being taken for granted by those we’ve given it too. Secondly, we must determine the actions necessary to recharge the power we’ve lost. Depending on the severity, those actions can consist issuing “pink slips”, which allows time to get it together or simply shutting off the power abuser completely.

    In this day and time, there are many people who are pure takers and they will take until the well runs dry or they are cut off. It’s unfortunate for those who are pure givers because they are usually easy prey for pure takers. Life is about mutual give and take, so if the power shared is also received, each person can sustain without feeling a power drainage.

    Therefore, it is necessary for us to take our time with people and truly get to know them for who and what they are, before we start handing out shares to our power stock. Strive for being equally yoked.

    1. You are so correct in your statement about giving away your power. You have to make sure that the person you are giving it to, is worthy of it. Like most of us in life, we have sometimes given our power to the wrong person or thing and we have suffered the consequences. That’s when we have to pick ourselves up, re-evaluate ourselves and the situation, Ask GOD for help and try not to make the same mistake again.

  2. I agree with everyone sentiments. Jamari you seem like a giver of energy? Am I correct? I know I am. Lol I need to be recharged and replace this battery.lol

  3. Slowly and surely getting my power back, and let me tell you this it feels good. Great post J! I’ve been lurking alot lately.

  4. A lot of people can sense the power within someone, and choose to use it for their own selfish purpose. It just goes back to the comment The Man said a few post back about not giviing anyone your all unless they are willing to do the same for you

  5. A lot of times people can sense the power We have have within ourselves even if we can’t see it and Will try to use it for their own selfish gains. It just goes back to the comment The Man said a few posts ago never give anyone your all Who isn’t willing to do it for you.

  6. We all must remember who we are first as an individual our own self worth before allowing others to invaded our space. The lack of self worth, identity, esteem, and anything dealing with self has to be priority in our lives. Look at how women are used and abused because they lack some or all the qualities. We have learn at an early age even though, we are same gender liking we have to build these qualities as a youth. Regardless, of being put down, called names and so forth we still have to build character. Many times men try to use that same scheme they use on the females and we allow it just to say we have someone.

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