open wide! giving head could be giving us throat cancer too

our resident throatologists won’t like this entry too much.
while i was down for a little bit last week,
a foxholer wanted to alert The Foxhole about the dangers of oral sex.
apparently and allegedly,
all this throat-giving it is being linked to throat cancer

A doctor on TikTok has claimed oral sex is the number one cause of throat cancer.

Dr Daria Sadovskaya, 29, from Singapore, posted a video last month about the link between performing oral sex on a partner and the potentially life-threatening disease.

Traditionally, tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption are thought to be the two greatest risk factors for developing throat cancer.

Doctors say that increasingly, human papillomavirus (HPV), a family of viruses that infect the genitals and can be transferred to the throat during oral sex, are the source of throat cancers.

Men are at higher risk because women are more likely to carry the virus. Michael Douglas famously claimed HPV was the cause of his throat cancer.

Oral sex can lead to an HPV infection at the back of the throat or near the tonsil.

HPV is most well known for its links to cervical cancers but is behind about one in 20 cancers worldwide – including of the mouth, throat, penis and anus.

These infections go away on their own in most cases but sometimes can persist and cause throat cancer, a general term that refers to cancer that grows in the throat, called pharyngeal cancer, or in the voice box, called laryngeal cancer.

Most throat cancers involve the same kinds of cells, but specific terms are used to categorize the area of the throat where the cancer originated.

its like all the fun things are associated with cancer.
it’s interesting that i was sent this in because:

1 – I read that even if you have cleaned ourselves out properly,
this is by using an enema to wash out all the “debris” inside you,
you are not all the way clean for eating of groceries.
This is one of the reasons many straight vixens are becoming afflicted.
( x we fonted about it here )

2 – When I watch a flixxx and I see folks having raw sex,
but right after the wolf busts,
the fox takes his raw penis and sucks it right after…

something about that is too freaky,
ya know?
they can alert folks about unhealthy foods or even smoking,
but they ain’t finna gon’ take away giving head.
that is some of these folk’s careers out here.

the line will be drawn there.

article cc: daily mail

2 thoughts on “open wide! giving head could be giving us throat cancer too

  1. Everyone should be asking their doctors about getting vaccinated for HPV! Ideally you would have gotten it as a pre-teen but it’s approved for adults up to 45 years old.

    If you’re older and have had many partners it might not be worth getting but still ask your doctor about it. I’m in my late 20s and just finished my shots.

  2. I’m just going to say this if that’s the case the whole world just will never be the same ever again, So let’s just say for a moment in a perfect world that people actually took heed to this do you know how many unhappy marriages we would have? Not to mention pornography will never be the same also what the lesbians going to do??? Cuz there’s only so much bumping you can do. And as for you male anal virgins out there that’s saving your hole fah da’ right top what y’all gone do??? I have so many questions right now but I highly doubt people gay or straight or question mark is going to stop giving and or receiving oral that’s not gonna happen.😂😂😂🤤😜

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