The Nekkid Baller Wolves Make Their Debut (ESPN)

dammit keri!
he looks like he has nice feet too.
well the 2014 espn body issue has leaked its selected baller wolves and vixens.
here are some for you to enjoy…

from left:
bernard hopkins
aja evans
nigel slyvester
venus williams
shit i’m still on serge…

tumblr_n7gc1cOEVi1tcbhsqo1_250makes no damn sense.
i’m waiting for that “behind the scenes” footage video.
5 minutes ago.

source: 1 | 2

pictures also provided by: ESPN

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “The Nekkid Baller Wolves Make Their Debut (ESPN)”

  1. Serge and his black body. I love African men.

    The rest look good as well. Black damn sure is beautiful.

  2. I’ve seen Serge in person and he does nothing for me. I’ve seen regular nigerian men that would put him to shame.

  3. Venus looks absolutely AMAZING. Her body is still feminine where as Serenas is more muscular. And I don’t really like dark skin women but gorgeous and elegant

  4. bernard hopkins is 49 but has the body of a 19 year old! Nigel Sylvester, the BMX bike rider has a very nice body.

  5. my only problem with the shoot is the excessive photoshop of the images. Serge and Bernard hopkins look like they have no dick,bull shit. I prefer the European magazines with the same themes. This is catering to the American sterile bull shit that goes with nudity. If Kim can do a damn sex tape and be famous because of it, then show some skin, REAL skin.

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