I Nearly Slapped The Fire Out These Passive Aggressive Hoes

tumblr_mvetxxuS1r1saphdro1_500see i don’t rock with that passive aggressive shit.
i don’t respect it.
go hard or go the fuck home.
so for whatever reason,
i had a ton of work to do today.
i was swamped with all kinds of shit.
continuous ass bullshit.
so liar liar now…

she was taking her sweet time to do the work.
of course,
she was complaining all the day about nothing.
she gonna turn to me and say:

“omg i really hate how they take advantage of you here.
this work they got you doing is crazy.”

when did we become friends?
she better be glad i’m not some hoodrat from east ny.
i really wanted to say:

“bitch shut the entire fuck up and don’t ever talk to me.”

i had to catch myself.

tumblr_mk1lw79NhM1r17hbvo1_400then now,
i’m at lunch,
and the new wolf comes up to talk.
i’m already moody as fuck.
i don’t think my face conveyed how i was feeling.
so he says…

“yo i love it here.
everyone is mad nice.
the boss treated me to lunch and blah blah blah…”

it was like he was rubbing it in my face.
i notice he been telling liar liar all his business too.
they all chill outside of work and do that happy hour shit.
and the mail room wolves.
cliqued up.
not like i relate with them anyway.
it made me wonder if i did something wrong?
everyone is treating me like shit,
but this new wolf comes on the scene,
and he is prince akeem or some shit.
i’m so over this job its ridiculous.
when i make it,
and i’m able to look back at how far ive come,
i will never ever EVER forget this job.
shit it will always be the reminder if i ever got an ego.

tumblr_mowgalVS3O1snfsquo1_400this will go down as one of the worst job experiences ever.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “I Nearly Slapped The Fire Out These Passive Aggressive Hoes”

  1. If they don’t invite you too the Happy Hour ask if you can come along anyway. Even thought the game is soo childish you should try to break the façade the may think you have and show you are a cool dude. Even thought they has alienated you already don’t allow them to be successful at it, still try to show people your light. Its magnetic

    1. In my office most of the time I am not taken serious because I am the youngest and thus the kid of the group. But everyone understands that I excel at my position as Senior Paralegal. You place in a group could be the realist or the innovator. Working with egotistic character types like this will prepare you for the larger one in the industry maybe. Think of this as practice.

    2. ^nerd i’m not hanging with those people.
      they threw me under the bus.
      f that!
      i dont want them in my life.
      i learned a long time ago…

      “when people show you who they are the first time,

      1. Exactly, they are making you the scapegoat. No, I would not be as so naive to even join their little soiree, Ha! I don’t think liar liar will be scornful to the new guy and trust me Jamari they are trying you and trying to make you look bad. I would give the new guy a try but don’t reveal too much.

      2. Hey Jamari, might I suggest you try to be a little more proactive in your dealing with this work place issue. It is an issue common to many and there really is no guarantee the next office wouldn’t be worse. It might have a little to do with you though, much less than it does with your colleagues, as it seems to be the case – your boss recently mentioning you intimidate her etc. so you could check that part out.

        I’m not excusing their insecurities but it might just be you are giving off a ‘you stupid fucks should take your seats over there, I’m just going to get my job (which you seem to be good at) done (plus I keep receipts)’ vibe. The fact is they presently out number you and have been there longer than you have/are higher up – the situation seems worse now that they appear to be chummy with Mr new guy – Jamari is bound to be the one with the issue… and this sentiment can percolate rather quickly.

        You just might have to stoop a little to conquer, if only for your sanity. You haven’t been there for too long so it should not be too late to perhaps adopt a new approach – go out of your way/ comfort zone a bit to be a little nicer to or engage them a little more. If you don’t do so already, you could occasionally ask how they are doing or offer to pick up some coffee or a bagel – I don’t know what your office is like – all of this without letting down the tight defence systems you have. This of course would not change the fact that they are insecure cretins and might remain that way.

        I’d be honest, I really like your blog but the posts about your work are becoming rather predictable. It’ll be much more fun reading about their antics (if any still) and how you outwitted them (hopefully without drama) and not how they are getting to you. Having followed your journey to this job,”we” need you to move on from this to a better engagement in your own time and on your own terms. Best.

  2. Yea, Liar was trying to trap you Jamari when she was talking about how they work you. She was trying to get you to say something foul man. Don’t fall for it and keep your composure.

  3. J, I so feel you on this work B.S. Im over it as well, and I have no more Fuccs to give. I just dont care, I did the usual, I started back working and Im back in debt again with my improved credit, but if I got the rug pulled out from me, I realize now that its not the end, I figure hell if I can get this one, I can get another one. Its nice to not have to hustle and worry about your rent but the mind games these jobs wanna play with you are too much for my sanity. I see so many miserable unhappy people at my place of employment that I wanna run out of there and never look back.

    I can not wait until the day, that all your enemies on that job will be lining up to kiss your ass. You have to be mindful of the fact that your life can change in an instant, and tomorrow may be the day to change the rest of your life, you might just meet that person or run across a situation that will do that, just be ready. That glimmer of hope keeps me going, just like nothing good last forever, nothing bad last forever either. Its only a TEST and you have what it takes to pass it. Keep carrying yourself above the fray and put those BISHES on the job on your do not disturb list, because its only a matter of time before small minded people turn on each other and you will be thankful that you are no where in the mix when the bomb explodes. Keep the faith Bro, your day is coming.

  4. This post moved me to make a comment. I’ve been reading all the other comments and I had to share my sentiments. Jamari: DO YOUR JOB AND LEAVE. There is no reason to be chummy with your co workers after they all showed their asses to you. If the new guy is down with them then be can also get it too. Suddenly going out for drinks and getting coffee is only going to make you look desperate and corny. People think I’m a bitch at work and I let them know that I AM. I am here to do a job, clock out, and take my black ass home. I tried to be cool with them but they couldn’t be mature enough for that so BYE! Do not look for friends at work. I have seen it a thousand times before and it has all been the same drama one after the other. Have you ever considered that maybe they are jealous of you and simply can’t take? Continue to shine on them and go home. Don’t become passive aggressive and try to be friends with the enemy! No one got anywhere in life being liked, especially at work!

  5. People posting are giving you bad advice.

    Jamari, this is the game of corporate America. You may have built a reputation of being unapproachable and moody which is why they are avoiding you. Liar Liar threw you under the bus. So what? That’s going to happen in the workforce.

    Be nice, be cordial, and play your hand when you need to play it. Build strategic alliances with people that matter.

    That’s how you get ahead.

    1. I agree to an extent, but a lot of it depends on the context of the situation.

      You have to consider if this is just a stepping stone job or somewhere he plans on moving up at?

      His coworkers probably have sensed he thinks of this job as a stepping stone to other things and he probably exhibits that he is overqualified for his current position. That intimidates people and makes them standoffish.

      Like I told him by email always keep an eye out for new gigs, try to get someone on management in his corner for future reference purposes, and save the friendly demeanor for the clients.

      If the clients like you and relay their sentiments to management you’re winning!

      1. I’m a silent observer of the site and I must say you come across as someone who’s got their shit together but that tends to rub the people the wrong way and what I see is that your boss and liar liar have formed a comfortable clique that you threaten by doing the most at work thus causing them to be bothered and a threat to their level of comfort ,if I may ask do you work the hardest at your job ? do you make people notice your work ethic ? do the people higher up than your boss notice you and the work you do at the company? If you can answer yes to all , have you ever thought that liar liar has poisoned your boss against you via telling her that your after her job so the attention distracts from her short comings at work to your boss thinking you gunning for her job and thus keeping her job safe and the attention from her shortcomings ? something to think about well this has been a long wine filled post so if I’m wrong I’m going to be silent and disappear back to silentville

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