Nathaniel Has Grown A Little Bigger

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.25.50 PM…or a lot?
i love how dedicated nathaniel is to his work out regiment.
i see whatever he is doing is working wonders.
those bunz will have a mind of their own in no time.
kudos nathaniel!

lowkey: i wonder if any baller wolves slid in his dms yet?

visit nathaniel: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Nathaniel Has Grown A Little Bigger”

  1. He has a nice body but i’m with The Man on this one. and his ass is CRAZY Like you cant help but see it…i think he said on his IG he’s 5’10 but his butt makes him look shorter in pics…beautiful body and physique and he’s making his bread i can’t even hate….

    1. Getting a bigger butt is attainable in the gym.. This is coming from somebody who used to be as flat as an ironing board. Them lunges will take you a long way.

      1. He looks like he might have been a dancer or did gymnastics at some point. Those small framed dudes end up big asses when they do that.

        If he does the workouts he does on youtube consistently he definitely could grow that thang organically

  2. Him and calem west are my go to trainers for getting my booty right, I’ve been trying really hard to get my but to grow.

    1. or maybe like he’s poking it out. He already has a big ass. No need to make it look bigger.

    1. IMO, noir – yes; west- no.
      I can see some iCloud hackage targeting noir inadvertently ruining or dismantling a discreet wolf’s life/persona.
      As for west, he just comes across like he dots all of his i’s and crosses all of his t’s … at least to me.

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