My Super Power Is Pulling Souls Out Of Big Juicy Meat


i believe gays,
no matter the role,
out the closet or in,
all have a super power.
yes that is tea in my mug.
no i did not spike it with vodka.
no seriously tho!
i believe everyone who likes the same sex is born with some kind of power…

tumblr_mms2jd217G1qzlu1go1_500it could be:

a razor sharp tongue
the ability to read an enemy
creating colorful drama with fashion or the arts
the uncanny ability to seduce
super human sex drives
or the ability to blend in amongst the straights effortlessly

hell anything that puts you ahead of the straights.
sometimes we are so good at one power,
that we develop different powers to help assist with that power.
X-Men-x-men-the-movie-33137210-596-246 500full-1life has a way of training us when we least expect it.

today i saw xmen: days of future past.
i couldn’t help but feel connected to the x men.
even with the cartoons,
i always felt drawn to these super human characters.
hell any super hero for that matter.
batman being my favorite of them all.
the x men are mutants who live in hiding from the humans.
they each have a special power.
one side wants peace so we can all live in unity.
another side wants revenge for how they have been treated,
even killed.

magneto, x men, rfkmany of us are not out.
we live amongst humans who may/may not accept us.
church folk being our biggest enemies.
its funny how things change when you reveal you are gay.
you either become a caricature or a spectacle.
the worst part is there are some mutants,
i mean gays,
who will expose you out of pure spitefulness.
they lose all sense of “brotherhood” and go rogue amongst the humans.
well the straights.
they are the ones who use their powers for evil and not good.

tumblr_m8sz8rnesJ1qeiocmthe movie made me think about my own powers.
the ones i have kept hidden.
life professor x,
i lost my hope somewhere down the line.
i guess life and it’s difficulties can do that.
well its time to forgive and forget.
i can’t do “this” anymore.
the feeling of hopelessness,
and depression.
there is a better life out there for me.
i know what i must do.
its time to make star fox proud of me.
my parents.
you reading right now in the foxhole who supports me.
its about time i started channeling my powers.
its funny how a 2 hour movie can bring shit back into perspective.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “My Super Power Is Pulling Souls Out Of Big Juicy Meat”

  1. can i just say i love how you made the comparisons of life as a gay man to the struggles of mutants i felt that was very nice and a different perspective on the many issues we face…I feel this may be one of your strongest entries yet..SN: I love X-Men growing up Rogue, Storm and Wolverine were my favorites….Storm because she was elegant, graceful, from Africa, yet had the powers of a goddess in her fingertips, Rogue because she was beautiful, strong yet at the same time all she desired ever was love and the touch of a companion and lastly Wolverine because he just didn’t give a damn….i felt like i could always relate to those three

    1. ^thanks malcolm!
      there is a connection between mutants and gays.
      we are all very gifted people.
      It’s sad we are shunned for our natural power(s).
      it’s no surprise that many athletes and entertainers are gay as well.
      if you think about it,
      those are the ones who really took their powers to higher levels.

      i have a couple favorites:

      rogue – her weakness is actually her strength
      storm – i always loved the fact she was almost the most powerful one
      wolverine – he is so sexy to me. I legit have a crush on him. he is the “badass” I want to be (or want to date)
      magneto – he is “bad” but not really. i always found his fight interesting. he has been hurt by the homosapiens which is why he does what he does.
      phoenix – her powers got turnt the hell up after she was reborn lol

  2. I’m feelin this post. I’m a dude with many powers tho. You can’t mess with me and my bad ass lol.

  3. I’m like Cyclops. My power has to do with the vision. I see too much. So much so that I let it get to me. I need a mental block from Professor X so I can stop letting these inferior homo-sapiens bother me. I’m all about that Homo-sexual superior. We are the next step in evolution. Pretty soon, we’ll outnumber them. Just like mutants, we’ve always been around, just low-key.

    Real talk, I am actually learning to just let shit go and not let it bother me anymore. One day I’m just gonna go cold turkey and say “I’m done wasting my thoughts on you fuckers.”

    X talk, Nightcrawler was always my fave. An acrobatic religious blue demon that can disappear in the blink of an eye and reappear any where he pleases. I always thought him and Kitty Pryde were the shit.

  4. Oh shit you’re right! I never thought of it in that way and makes a lot of sense. Hey I support you too!!!

  5. Yea this is nothing new. People have been making comparisons to Xmen & homosexuals & minorities(Xavier = King Magneto = Malcolm X)for YEARS. Everybody eating this up as something new & thought provoking needs to get out more. VERY disappointed with your writing & “deep philosophical” posts

  6. I’d pic the black pill. That way, I can make a bundle gambling in Las Vegas (Super Bowl and other sports betting) and on the stock market.

    With all that cash, I won’t need/or will be able to buy many of the “superpowers” of the other pills. I can hire a personal trainer. With that cash, I’ll have all the “love” I want, etc.

  7. I’m so glad you got a chance to see this movie, I have always connected to the X-men being gay and different , it was always my favorite comic series and still is.

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