God Bless Rican Men!

tumblr_n6ivgibYLX1r7ife9o1_500yesterday was the puerto rican festival in new yawk.
nuff said.

lowkey: ^mistah up there could be a dominican.
looking like that could get the drawz.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “God Bless Rican Men!”

  1. Of course he looks like a Dominican J. They’re the same exact thing. Have you learned nothing from Lindo of the tre raza. That’s like saying a Chinese guy looks Japanese. No shade, I’m just saying.

    His pink lips tho… GAWD!!!

  2. Aww thank you, Jamari 🙂 I can say the same thing about black American men. But black American men like chocolate, no matter how old you get some of y’all are still smooth. I am trying to join the Good Black don’t Crack club. But man I am so disappointed I couldn’t go to the PR parade, but hopefully (si Dios quiere) I can go to the DR parade.

  3. I’ve been to both several times. I have to say in terms of the fellas in attendance…it’s a tie. BOTH have some phyne ass kats there! Trust me when I say you will be in HEAVEN! Just keep the eye contact at a minimum. LOL

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