Mood Music For My #SadderDay #METIME

ratchetsoulon my #sadderday,
i just got new music.
well i got 2 chainz monday.
don’t tell no one.
he made “ratchet jamari” do a little jig in my living room.
i liked this album over his first personally.
i’m about to listen to janelle for my background noise.
“soulbruvvah jamari” needs some thinkin’ music.
lets see how this goes…

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “Mood Music For My #SadderDay #METIME”

  1. I love Janelle MonĂ¡e!!!! Give them what they love with prince and Ghetto Woman are my absolute SHIT!!!!

  2. I love all of Janelle’s music, her underground mixtape “The Audition”, her first suite “The Chase”, her first full-length LP “The Archandroid”, and now “The Electric Lady”. The music is aaaawwwwwwweeeessssoooooommmmmmeeeeee! You may also notice how a lot of the songs on this album are directed to a certain female love interest. I think Janelle may be telling us something about her personal life, LOLOLOL. This album is just BOSS!

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