Mister Mailroom Wolf

tumblr_mjs1knEqjn1rkbqbko1_500i’m not tho!
this time he seeks me out.
its like i have this “effect” on wolves.
i’m minding my own business and someone takes a liking to me.
this one…
god he is really hot tho.
you know…
he is the one in the mailroom ive mentioned…

he is tall,
and looks like a model mixed with a pre baller wolf.
you can’t tell me has a toned body under those polo’s he wears.

his biceps already tell another story.
every time he sees me,
he stops what he is doing to say,
“hello jamari how are you?”.
i need to start looking in his eyes.
i’m shy so that doesn’t help matters.
all i know is i hate these kinds of crushes.
the ones where you gonna wait to see him.
the ones that start at work and you know may never happen.
well is it?

i totally bumped into him by mistake today.
he saw me coming down the hall,
stopped when he saw me,
just to say:

“goodnight jamari”

4399452991i’m telling you…

he is straight.
i think.
well i guess.
hell i dunno.
i can’t remember if chick from another department said she was messing with him.
she randomly told me some name from some wolf in the mail room.
i kinda forgot my crush’s name.
is that bad?
i need to try moving this convo with him past:

“thank you so much.”
“you too!”

maybe i’ll ask him if he can take a look at my box.

the one sitting on my desk.
i usually let them chase me,
always ending up nowhere,
but i low key want this one.

lowkey: i’ll take vain’s advice.
“keep feeling good.”
i got this.

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Mister Mailroom Wolf”

  1. I think you need to get over your shyness and tried to flirt with him here ‘n’ there. You gotta play the game boo.

  2. Don’t go doing something you regret.Remain cordial.Thanks for that first gif.Makes me hate the fact that I wasn’t born a woman.They get all the good D.

    1. Yeah because the next thing you know He will be crying sexual harrasment…..which he will take to H.R. or to a lesser extent tell the Chick he smashing that you’re Gay. She will then gossip with others around the job and have yo shit put on full display. Causing you to face disciplinary action with the possibility of termination, which will have you back where you were 2 weeks ago. Black or minority coworkers can be toxic, you should ultimately keep them at a distance.

      1. ^^Sad but so true. That is one of the reasons I don’t (or try not to) mess around with the people that I work with. Your business will be all over the place once someone finds out.
        There’s a guy on the maintenance crew who flirts with me a lot. I flirt back, but that’s as far as it goes…and as much as I would LOVE to get with his phyne ass, it’s not gonna happen.
        I work in HR..so I am not risking my job for a piece of ass/dick. LOL

  3. Lmao…@the gifs. You are a mess bro lol. You should talk to him, especially if he’s as fine as you say he is. However, you should take it slow, it is your second day, and you have plenty of time to get to know him. Do not move too fast. You definitely should keep close attention on his eyes tho. As you say, they are the windows to the soul…and maybe some other things lol. Be careful tho. That sexual harassment can be a hurt piece man.

  4. Sorry after this recent year at my current job, I would NEVER, EVER mess with anyone I work with.

    Jackd has forever changed the atmosphere of every workplace. You got too many people that are more than happy to sit around and gossip and get paid for it..

    Ain’t nan nigga worth fucking up my money.

    Good dick doesn’t have a 401K plan.

    1. I’m just saying keep it light right now. You don’t his reputation right now. At least feel him out over time. Usually any lust/crush wear off over time as the facade fades away.

  5. Yeah, I’d also say keep it light unless you have obvious signs.
    He could be straight. He could be gay. He could be curious/questioning.
    But, until that’s made explicit on his part, I’d stay in my lane and collect my coinage.

    Don’t get me wrong, I fully recognize that there’s a lot in nonverbal communication but both straights and gays play games, ESPECIALLY when they get the notion that one is shy/innocent/inexperienced. There is something very enticing and inviting about that.
    That’s literally what I’ve been told by several dudes – young and old, friends and potential BFs.
    So, just keep your wits about you moving forward. Counter every move with a subtle, broad move and force him to make his intention(s)/attraction(s) plain.
    I’d hate for this to blow up and you wind up feeling sorry for ever going down that path.
    Because as Kevin Hart, Sr. (a.k.a. Kat Williams) so poignantly said, “Ho, don’t be sorry, be careful.”

  6. Dang yall, why yall jumping down his throat about a crush. Jeezus, its just a crush Jamari is smart and knows what he should do. Its ok to have good chemistry at work, a professional-sexual relationship isn’t bad just don’t overstep the boundaries.

  7. Jamari, generally I suggest that you avoid sexual/romantic entaglements with co-workers. That being said, there is nothing wrong with making friends with co-workers. (And seeing where that might lead.) Accordingly, it may be appropriate to strike up a short conversation with him. (Short because you just started the job and you are likely on probation and the last thing you want it your supervisor getting the idea that of the word “laboratory” you’re all “oratory” and little “labor”.) After a few conversations, it may be appropriate to talk at lunch or break (if you have the same lunch hour and break room) and/or to have lunch together and/or drinks after work. During these times you can find out if he’s married, if he has a girlfriend, if he has a boyfriend, if he’s gay friendly, etc. though the art of conversation.

    What you don’t want is to get fired for spending too much time talking with him during time when you are on the clock. What you don’t want is for him to get the idea that you are “trying to put a ring on it” and for him to spread that throughout the office. So my advice is to be friendly with him but also friendly with others and don’t rush. (If you find that he’s quitting soon or will be transferred or is to be fired, etc., then you may move up your schedule and ask for his number and email address.) There is plenty of desirable dick before and after work with others. Don’t mess up where you work!

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