Obama Is Turning Black Men Gay!

tumblr_md2srt8gHY1qa42jro1_500you heard it here first.
obama is turning us gay,
making us come out the closet,
and then letting the white gay men take us from black women.
well i didn’t say it.
dr james david manning of this church:

lordhelpdid tho…

largewhy he had to be from harlem?
well ya know what then shit!
where is my snow wolf then?
i need some money until i get paid.
i am completely broke.
so the enemy of the black woman is:

white women
exxotical hoes
dl men
white gay men

well gahtdamn gahtdamn.
they just takin “L”s all over the place according to “society” and this hyena, huh?
he maybe right on the recent black out wolves liking them some vanilla box.
i guess we can give him a chest bump there?

tumblr_md7pbcN5ZW1rt2432“i’m jamari fox everybody.
  i’m satan’s servant.”

9 thoughts on “Obama Is Turning Black Men Gay!

  1. Why are so many people ignorant to the subject of homosexual or gay. in my opinion who would choose something like this to be an outcast in society. We are born this way except it or not. Why now that everyone is trying to deny that it exist. It has been around since the beginnig of time and it want change. Learn to love yourself for who you are and not for what people want you to be.

  2. lmaooo this preacher was carryingggg smfh. Meanwhile, i’m looking for me a “white homo” with the american express cards and the theater clout!

    how u zoinn?

  3. What an idiot. And this idiot has power and influence as the head of a church. Homosexuality is as African as dark skin, strong hair, full lips and broad noses: http://76crimes.com/2014/01/30/21-varieties-of-traditional-african-homosexuality/ Yet, American “Christians” have gone to Africa and have convinced Africans that homosexuality is unAfrican. (What is unAfrican and an import is Western Christianity.) Consequently, Nigeria and Uganda (http://sebaspace.wordpress.com/2014/02/25/a-tale-of-three-presidents/#comments) have passed draconian “Jail the Gays” laws that have and will result in 1. Jailed gays and “suspect” gays, 2. Dead gays and suspect gays, 3. An increase in HIV rates as gays and others shy away from knowledge of and treatment of HIV for fear of getting on the fast track for a “Jail the Gays” cell and 4. A poorer country that it would be otherwise as those gays with skills and talents leave the countries for fear of death or jail under the “Jail the Gays” laws.

    1. Wow that was an interesting link.I had no idea Africans got down or at least used to get down like that.But, strong hair?… Dean, you do know our hair is the most fragile/weak.It’s far from strong.That’s why we’re always bald and why Black women always wear weaves.

      1. Zen Buddha, Africans do get down like that. Homosexuality exists world wide in every race, religion, creed and color. It’s a natural occurrence among human beings. Go to Adam4Adam.com and look at the gays in various African countries and check out BGCLive.com for various African countries as well.

        Zen Buddha, were you of the opinion that homosexuality was a Western invention?

        As far as our hair being strong, I use that term instead of “tightly coiled” or “nappy” because nappy has a negative connotation. I call it tightly coiled or “strong” because if you try to comb it, it strongly resists!

        Black men are not always bald.

        Black women wear weaves because 1. They have adopted European standards of beauty that says that stringy (white) hair is better/more beautiful than tightly coiled/strong hair. 2. They have adopted European standards of beauty that says that hair of blonde, red, platinum, etc. (unnatural colors to African/black/African American people but natural colors for white people) are preferred to their natural hair colors. And 3. Black women fry (straighten) and dye (color) their hair so frequently that such treatments damage the hair and the wearing of wigs and weaves often prompts the hair to fall out.

        Zen Buddha, notice how many African American men with dreds have much longer hair than African American women. It’s because the men with dreds don’t fry and dye their hair. Frying and dyeing hair destroys it sooner or later. And often the chemicals used to fry/dye hair are carcenogenic (cancer causing).

        Essentially, what I have described is white racism that has been adopted by black people.–No surprise!

      2. Black hair is strong in its virgin state.As a black woman my hair was damaged,weakened by using relaxers and heat. The chemicals and heat causes the hair to become weak,fragile.Black woman wear weaves often because of breakage and because they think “straight” hair is Good Hair.Also a healthy diet affects hair growth.Thats why woman with eating disorders experience hair loss.Black hair is not weak a perfect example of that is dreadlocks.

  4. Yeah, Obama turned me gay.I was a straight man until 2008 when I first laid my eyes on that beautiful biracial man.I was married to a black woman, we had three beautiful children together.One day we were watching the news when they announced the Presidential canidates vying for the democratic nomination.As soon as I heard Barack speak, I got up, walked out the door, and never looked back.

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