Michael Sam Was Gone On Tuesday

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 7.53.43 PMwell as you know,
michael sam has been released from the cowboys practice squad.
some say he was used as a publicity stunt.
some say he just wasn’t a good player.
who knows really.
it seems like a lot of politics that was involved behind the scenes,
which is why i was waiting to see him complete his first successful season.
now what we really want to know is…

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 7.58.38 PM.…when is this one making his exit as well?












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16 thoughts on “Michael Sam Was Gone On Tuesday”

  1. I think Michael Sam should try to get that reality show now. He needs to run on that 15 seconds as long as he can

    1. Nah, the bandwagon must come a stop for now. A reality show will only make it more difficult for him to land with a team.

  2. Not surprised. I know the Cowboys feel like they don’t need much help on defense anymore. How surprising have they been? I don’t know where Michael will go from here, he’ll just have to wait for the next opportunity.

  3. Maybe he’s just a bad player. But I heard that he was trying to mess around with the other players and they reported him just like the other team.

    1. Yeah I hear that about all Gay men.They are all sexual predators trying to seduce straight men,little boys,dogs…SMH
      As for Vito,Michael said in Out magazine that it was Vito that encouraged him to come out before the draft.A good Golddigger would have said wait to you get drafted,make a team,etc before announcing you are gay.Don’t take the risk .Maybe Vito is a loving,supportive boyfriend.When they met Michael was a freshman and not a star football player.

      1. Michael did nothing wrong by coming out. But like you said he should have waited until he got settled on a team. He should have consulted a good publicist. He took a big risk and it doesn’t seem to be panning out.

  4. I sincerely hope Mike lands on his feet. But if this is the end the road, he should have nothing to be ashamed of. It seemed like he would have been a good fit for the Cowboys, but they surprisingly got hot, so they decided to make room for more important things. Perhaps the Rams might want him back. Their decisions haven’t been paying off.

    He could have been in a better position to succeed, but he just wasn’t a star.

    It seems like almost all of these out athletes are scrubs or journeymen at best and he wasn’t breaking the mold in that category.

  5. I agree with others why did he not keep his mouth close, because we all know that there are gay men in every aspect of any job professional ball players are no excuse. Michael just need to take it easy, but continue to work out maybe look at some arena or local city teams just don’t give up. Stop trying to get with these guys even if he get a vibe from them let it go, because they are not going to do anything to hinder their jobs.

  6. I think Michael Sam was just a pawn, no team really had any intention of drafting him, we can say what we want and think that because its a few Gay dudes on TV and its more accepting,that America and the world have turned over a new leaf. The old guard is still firmly in charge of everything and they are not on board with anything that goes against tradition, hell they still dont want to accept Blacks as full citizens in this country so a Black Gay man can forget it.

    In order to come out and make a statement you have to be great and he was just good, and that was in college, its a whole new world in the Pro’s. Why in the blue hell did he listen to this snow bunny about coming out, yeah its okay for him and he will have the support but no so much for the brotha’s. I see the fanfare has died down and he is going to learn real quick all those glowing articles and all that love shown his way by the mainstream Gay organizations is gonna dry up now that he cant press their agenda forward. I am on the fence about the boyfriend, I think he will jump ship, he seemed to be a little too interested in the spotlight but I may be wrong, maybe they have a solid love thang, only time will tell. Hopefully he can tighten up his skills in the Canadian Football League and make a good living

    1. I agree with you Tajan,
      Michael was used. He couldn’t press the agenda forward so they are gonna die down with the press, it happens everytime. Remember they were talking about Iggy and Nick Young being together now they are not talked about as much people are being very naive to what’s going on. It’s such a shame he got used. I’m not saying he should have hid who he was but he went to fast. You got the coming out and the nonblack partner and the disassociation from your family cause you like men on top of that being black you know the media was gonna have field day. Hopefully he stays humble and finds something else to do. Also I heard he and Vito are not loyal as they claim to be what is that about?

  7. I’m still very proud of Michael Sam living his truth and wish him well in life and his future endeavors. I think the real take away here is that black boys and their families should understand that very few make it to the pros and that more effort should be put into broadening horizons. Let’s encourage young brothers to study hard. There are numerous careers out here. Of course, people need role models. I believe many readers of this blog can offer encouragement to young brothers who may not have fathers or positive men in their lives in honorable and productive professions and vocations. Let’s encourage these young brothers to not put all their eggs into the sports basket.

  8. SAMs is slow on the field….not saying he’s bad but for what they are paying him a team could get 2 players faster than him and still save some $$$

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