Meet Up With A Faceless Stranger (7)


If you were talking to a dude online for a few weeks,
he had no pictures up and was really private,
but you decided to take one for the team and meet him one afternoon…

and he looked like this….

…what would you do with him on the first meet?

and do you think he would be feelin’ you?

Honesty gets you 10 points.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Meet Up With A Faceless Stranger (7)”

  1. Um Jamari, just to let you know I have contacted law enforcement. I don’t appreciate you posting my picture without my permission. See yo ass in court! Matter of fact me and judge Judy will see yo ass!

  2. oh yall sum haters!!!! I’m model thin thank you very much. Don’t hate me cuzz I can fit into sample sizes unlike you big boned heffers. I have a career. I makes money (just did a valtrex ad). I was runner up in Mississippis The Lady is a Man contest 2008. You mad? Yeah you mad.hmph

  3. Ewwwww!

    His whole appearance disturbs my soul. Lol

    To answer your question, once I saw him I’d turn around and walk away fast. No words at all.

  4. Oh hell no!
    I’d be like umm, take me to ur leader!
    Jamari, you’ve got so ‘splannin 2 do papi…
    My response to his look would be
    “BITCH, kill yourself”
    I mean at that point what’s the use livin?

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