MEAT (83)

Confession: I love the look of a man’s bicep.
I like to lick it.

I know.
I’m bad.

Here is an example of the perfect bicep…

Here is also the example of the perfect Wolf.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “MEAT (83)”

  1. Ummmm…. hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I don’t find him attractive at all. He looks like he’s wearing foundation, pouting his lips, and I personally hate the hair-into-a-goatee look, plus he looks too much like someone in my family.

    I’ve noticed I don’t care for the “perfect” look in general.

  2. He’s attractive. I agree with Johnny. He is wearing foundation and his hair has been darkened. A little too pretty for my taste. But he’s attractive and his body is amazing. Can’t argue with that one. Lol.

  3. Everything was good…until I saw his tranny hands. He might have to wear gloves or sumthin when it goes down

    1. *sits next to Man*..I think they’re pros at this..I can’t really tell..I can see what looks like bigen outlining his shape up….You guys got me rolling..poor man doesn’t stand a chance with you guys.

      1. @ mz Bambi… Hey gurl!!!… And to answer your foundation question look at his face and look at the rest of his body. It’s all 1 light so u should b 1 color but his face is lighter plus his linning is fresh fresh. S/N being a hybrid who works out 5 days a week and weighs 193 that shrinkage thing don’t fly with all of us

    2. @omg: *hugs* hey boo!! lolll..this poor fella wouldn’t stand a chance..he was better off just being natural w/o makeup..i see guys have to come correct or they will get shut down..see now he would be in fear of getting rejected..that’s probably why he’s looking so mellow. Oh and dayum..ok..well I’m glad it doesn’t work that way with every guy who works out..I wonder why it happens tho..maybe steroids?…hmm..o well!! Thanks for the info hun!

  4. He’s all yours guys, I’d avoid him! Its always interesting seeing one mans idea of ‘perfection’, and how it differs from others.

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