MEAT (73)


So you are laying around with a new boo.
You know, he is cute and everything.
You been holding out on really giving him your good stuff.
But today, you decide to let him get a taste.

So, he stands up and pulls all his clothes off and greets you with this…

“Don’t be scared baby…
I won’t hurt you…
I want you do bad…
please?” he begs.

What do you do?

Me, on the other hand:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “MEAT (73)”

  1. Damn, that’s good looking, his face us hit too! If he can get the head in, he could get it. It’ll take a LONG while but yeah he could get after I finish suckin… :O

  2. Goooodamn!!! I mean I’d be like damn wtf I get myself into, I’d know to be prepared to call off work and get my neospiron ready because I’m finna hurt after this.. But knowing my slick ass, and I always do this I make him cum from the head and then it somewhat blows the fuck session..

  3. Question. If Devin Thomas or Laron Landry which I didnt know he’s miles away from the big easy, were this big, you wouldn’t let them in? What would “The Fox” do?

    1. ^Ya know what?
      I’ll take one for the team.
      I’d get liquored up an take one for the team.
      I’d let him beat this thang up.

      My fantasy Wolf is getting some.
      We’ll work out the details as we go.

      1. lol! ok! but just one for the team? what if he, devin, was the one? The one who passed all your requirements and prerequisites? Also he’s the one who helped you in your time of need, like replacing a computer and said don’t worry about it. And, he showed his big peen, and was like, “baby, I saw you flinched, whenever you ready this is waiting for you and you only.” Would you keep him and make that relationship work or….?

        1. ^id make it work!
          Wolf of my dreams with a pent house penis?
          I’d have to try and find interesting ways to keep him satisfied…

          … And to keep my ass from becoming the Grand Canyon.

          1. ^Devin is always GOIN to be Daddy.
            He can just stand there and Id be in love.
            For a win like today,
            I’d probably strap him up to some chair and make him beg for mercy.

  4. Quite seriously, if he’s expecting more than a blowjob and not returning the favor, I’d throw him head first outta the door. He can pick his clothes up on the street.

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