MEAT (188)

now this is the paris i remember…

i did watch a couple videos and yeah….
…. i’m more into his kissing than his fucking.
such a nice body and peen going to waste.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “MEAT (188)”

  1. I wanna lick everything from his scalp to the heel of his feet.LOL. OMG This man is the epitome of sexy. I know people come for him via his videos and his fucking style but he looks everything. I just wanna love him. I’m speechless. The dick. The nipples. The body, The ass. Everything about him is perfect. The lips. I wanna take him home and marry him lol. Where does he live/be at/stay. I need to stalk him. And his twitter. Jamari put me on.

  2. He would be perfect if his dick actually works. I would take him anyway tho…just give him so much viagra until he goes blind

  3. I’m not too familiar with him as I prefer straight porn. Based on the comments, I take it that he has erection issues. Could it be that the other actors he is working with don’t really turn him on? Perhaps he’s more into kinky stuff or could it be that the other folks in the room when the scene goes down takes his wood? Insight please!

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