Well Damn Kaldrick King Take Me To Your Leader Then…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELdfvqT9AG4]

i feel like…..
i need to do a serious weekend catch up on this show.
i’m not here for the other story lines though…

added: wait actually, i think you can start the whole kal storyline only here:


lowkey: imagine if this show came on hbo?

19 thoughts on “Well Damn Kaldrick King Take Me To Your Leader Then…

  1. The beating Kal gave Tariq at the end of season 1 upset me but I’m still a huge fan. Be sure to watch the next few episodes cuz Tariq is coming back. Or should I say Kal is going hunting for Tariq.

    1. ^i hated the beating,
      but I felt sorry for kal as they got more in depth with his story.
      the way he cried in the office and the mere mention of tariq’s name….

      …. he knows he fucked up heavy.
      whoever is writing this story line is doing well and andra is delivering.

    2. That ass wooping was epic but I laughed cause I’m like, the makeup artist was diffiently trollin. I’m like is it me, or did tariq face have the exact same bruises Rihanna had in her TMZ pic after Chris wooped her ass..I did side by side comparisons and they looked like battered fraternal twins..lmao #Pow! Epic!

  2. yellow lawyer was working yummy bite those buns awooooooo lol over kal dl drama, but in watching i realize how little i care about the turmoil dl men go through.

  3. Yeah this show has fallen off for me since Tariq left…the episode before last where the waiter dropped him his number peeked my attention…wondering and hoping that plays out to something sensual…we shall see. But agree I do miss the chemistry between Kal & Tariq. (((sighs)))

  4. Kal doesn’t seem all that…discreet sometimes. If he’s that big, someone would recognize him & likely try to blackmail him. It’s obvious he’s still in love with Tariq, though. I do need to see them together again – they had a good chemistry…even if this is more likely how it goes for a DL dude – hookups, but no lasting connection.

      1. it is but Low-key I’d rather have a Wade than Kal. Who seriously wants to date someone that damn unstable. I bet if he wouldn’t have tried to fight the lawyer tho.

  5. I really like Obama Lawyer even though I’m losing interest in Kal’s storyline now. It just seems all over the place. They need to bring Tariq back….the chemistry between the two is really what made the show. Now it seems lackluster

    1. Very true but I think eventually, they’re gonna kill one of there storylines off. Soon they’re gonna be telling tariq side side of the story and what went down after the beating. But they don’t want it to be two gay story lines like some logo show as it may kill the series from homophobic viewers so they want to keep it toned down a bit. They where great together, but the CW also don’t want to send out the “it’s ok to whoop my ass” vibe regardless of sexuality so they won’t be putting them back together in a relationship I think. Reminds me of Chris & RiRi. The love is still they’re but the world ain’t having it.

  6. Shit I haven’t watched the last 2 episodes. They moved this show to Monday nights at 8 which interferred with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. LOL

    1. Lmao..u sound like my bf but I had to tell him they rerun love and hip-hop the same night after L.A. Complex go off. So it’s a win win situation. Just go through your menu and see what time live and hip-hop comes back on. I hate reality shows though..lol

    1. lol, not Obama. How is he just going to walk up in someone else house and break their stuff like that?

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