MEAT (145)

All the sexy hood Wolves I saw today…
It was hot as hell and EVERYONE was outside.
I saw so many tight white Ts, wife beaters, and all of em wearing the typical scent of “IDGAF” and “Who Fuckin Tonight?“.
All I could think of was:

I saw one who looked like this at the store!!!!
He was with the bummiest sloppiest Vixen I have ever seen.

I’m sure he was waiting for her to turn the corner,
so he could low key slip me the digits.

Look I’m not tryna wifes him; just one nights him.

You know these Hood Wolves really want a pretty Fox/Hybrid in their life.
Right Nicki?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “MEAT (145)”

  1. Dude looks good as hell, but I wish those shorts were around his ankles 😉

    I may be attracted to hood boys, but they can’t act right for shit.

    1. Who cares if they can ack right; all I want is the azz…you do too, ain’t tryna wife them lol

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