“Lets Get Fit!” With An Almost Naked Kerry Rhodes?

play_rhodes_paint_400it looks like peanut is on a revealing tangent.
after it was implied that kerry was allegedly banging maxwell,
the vomit rose in peanut’s throat.
so what would any common folk do?
well he:

a: says that he dating jason collins now

b: shows the world what he doesn’t have the luxury of having anymore

i mean look at all of this “alleged” prime beef here…

x 1
x 2
x 3

tumblr_msfhxh4bLY1qfoj4do2_r1_500peanut who?
if that is kerry rhodes,
he is obviously about his fitness.
you can see from the instagram and his various campaigns.
it’s a shame that one bitter lost queen would try to bring this baller wolf down.

x visit kerry’s “let’s get fit” website now

lowkey: kerry rhodes is out here looking like “daddy”.
lawd i want to ride him like a buckin’ bronco.

i would be so embarrassed to let the world know i allegedly lost all that platinum meat.

sucks to be one cracked peanut.

48 thoughts on ““Lets Get Fit!” With An Almost Naked Kerry Rhodes?

  1. I knew this back when I was 17 stay away from the effeminate dudes. I used to mess with a dude on our college football team. Honestly he was and is the love of my life. Not only did he have a sick body much like Kerry but he was smart as hell.

    He treated me like dirt when gossip started circulating about our relationship, dumped me like I was the plague. That shit hurts. It’s one thing to be dumped because someone just isn’t that into you, you kind of see it coming. It’s another to be dumped because of outside forces and unceremoniously. It causes you to doubt the entire relationship. I get where Peanut is coming from but I never would have done what he is doing to Kerry to my guy.

    Never. Leave the bitterness alone Peanut.

  2. Kerry’s body is OMG…with a man like that the only thing i’d expose him to is a nice cooked breakfast every morning, a nice foot and body massage and the best love ever…He seems so genuine and sweet..Peanut just wanted to be wifey but is mad that he’s a secret if anything his ugly ass needs to be happy that Kerry even entertained him. SN: i need to hit the gym asap so my body can look like that..although my size has never been a problem in me finding anyone i know i would kill the game if i was fit lol…anyways my prayers go out to Kerry and for Peanut obviously he’s bitter and sooner or later all this will fade and besides the gay community NO ONE is really talking about this scandal so PEANUT=EPIC FAIL

  3. Ryan aka Peanut in disguise you are nobody’s tough guy, just some angry little Cyber Fag trying make noise on Jamari’s blog….Fall back u Lil Bitch lmao

    1. Oh really oh wow you Hurt my fealings….. CTFU get your life. you wack insecure bitch fck your done your yesterdays Joke of the day.#your done.

      1. IF THIS REALLY IS PEANUT. I HOPE SOMEBODY REALLY BURNS ALL OF YOUR BELONGINGS I HOPE YOU LOSE ALL OF YOUR BELONGINGS IN A HOUSE FIRE, because there will be no good come to you for doing this man like this. He wanted you to keep all of that GOOD DICK TO YOURSELF, but when he got tired of YOUR WACK ASS DICK SUCKING AND MOANING WHILE YOU WERE ON YOUR BACK, he went to another man, PROBABLY ALTON and now you mad because your lil ROAST PASTRAMI eating ass can’t deal. and MECHAD BROOKS don’t want you. You just a candidate for suicide. KERRY HAS CELEBRITY FRIENDS. What you got BOO BOO. ANd i can speak on this subject because i have a D’List celebrity friend and he is 6 foot 4 has more tattooes than Kerry and works out everyday and he is in the music business, but i WOULDN”T DARE JEOPARDIZE our beautiful relationship just because he says one day that he wants to tone it down a little because it is getting out. YOU WREAK OF JEALOUSY and I HOPE YOU AND ANTOINE DODSON escort each other to the BURNING RIVER when yall get thrown in it. AND JUST ANOTHER THOUGHT, if you didn’t expose him with all this nonsense, you would probably be getting all that good celebrity dick and lips and ass today, but you a whack ass flamboyant ass no life having bitch who wants to be a celebrity so bad you will expose anyone you can to get a TASTE, but just wait you and Superhead day is coming right around the time yall turn 40 if yall make it…BITCHES

  4. I am just lost for words at this point… If I was with Kerry, we would be so secretive that I wouldn’t even know we were dating lol. I would have respect for him and the fact that he’s in the public eye, especially if he’s bringing home the bacon and the D!

  5. First of all NIGGA I wasn’t personally attacking your wack Psychotic ass 2. disgruntled, hurt feelings Maybe you have me confused with yourself your writing you don’t put your shoes deep in this lifestyle -___- and I love how you call men (faggots) but you like man booty Nigga please get your shit together wrong one. #try again.

  6. Well 1.. the pictures almost gave me a seizure on my couch. 2. Leaking nudes is kind of a double edged sword. It’s good for people who didn’t get it to see the goods but at the same time it makes the exposed person more embarrassed rather they are Greek Gods or not and in turn will make their personality more sheltered and ruin it for the good souls out there thirsty for their love/attention.

    Leaking nudes is about as good as cheating on them. A burn is a burn, recovery and mind-sets are hills to overcome.

  7. Hollywood is cold blooded! Isn’t this Internet bullying?? Im glad I got who I mess with in check. This makes a nigg want to strict keep it pussy in this life! Damn!!

    1. Cyber bullying, cyber stalking, cyber blackmail.It’s clear Peanut is butt hurt and not by getting blown out by Kerry.

      I hope he realizes this isn’t making him look good relationship wise.The next dude Peanut gets with is gonna make sure he sends him no naked pictures.He knows what to expect if he ever plans on breaking up with Peanut, which apparently means you must go hide out in Canada for a few months or hope some new dude comes and sweeps Peanut’s bitch ass of his bitter feet.

  8. This damn Peanut is A Damn nut CASE!!! I knew it!! im So tired of his Desperate Miserable Fantasia looking ass He needs to get his life! lol. I didn’t really care about mr Kerry but after these pics (side eye) Kerry is fine lol!!

  9. This is why I never put my shoes deep in this lifestyle and thankful for my Bisexuality. I hope most DL dudes are for their sake. your lively hood would be at risk for being involve with any blatant homosexual. It kills me when dudes date men who are DL but get mad and act like faggots when they stay true the definition of the word. I see people attacking Kerry for choosing this guy but he looked past everything and accepted the dude for who he was regardless of faults. This is something that everyone should take from this…..he didn’t judge Peanut when got into a relationship with him. Even this Peanut character should realize this in the wake of his ongoing internet bullying campaign (never thought I would used that term)

    1. but there’s Also 2 sides to a story. to say to be involved with a blatant homosexual will put your lively hood at risk is appallingly rude. To stereotype all Blatant Homosexual in general is downright wrong. im not a (Blatant Homosexual) And if feel offended this makes me see exactly what I thought straight Niggas (In the closet don’t tell anyone niggas) was on point. This is why blatant Homosexuals EXPOSE yall dumb unfiltered asses because yall be doing, Saying off the chain shit and to think your shit dosent stink while doing it. # Just saying

      1. Ryan I don’t have time nor do I care about your personal attacks towards me and my views. Debate and discuss the topic….miss me with your
        disgruntled, hurt feelings and save the rhetoric for someone who gives a damn. #TheGuiltySpeaks

    1. I didn’t see peanuts comments, but someone has been bothering my Maxwell because he is talking about blocking people. Now what has he done?

  10. All this energy to disgruntled queens. What everybody forgetting is they willingly went to those queens. They want attention and now their getting it in about a months everybody’s gonna be sayin peanut who???

  11. I feel bad for this dude. No one deserves to be exposed like this. Unless he or she was cheating on a spouse or lover there really is no need. I consider myself discrete but one always takes a risk of being exposed unless one stays at home and interact with no one.
    The assumption that I used to make as DL/discrete dude is that “certain” guys are safe(married or in a relationship). As i have spoke to dudes online, and read more news articles, there are ALWAYS someone who knows what you are doing. Neighbors who see you car or you entering the person’s house. Married men divorce and then come out. Heck, some wives know that there men are sleeping around and still say so……. Even in church some men will talk about their past life and what they “used ” to do. From there people can make assumptions, start making connections, or linking you to this and that one. All you need is a suspicion. Heck, all you need is your own mind. If your or I believe someone is gay or (insert any negative thing) who can tell you otherwise true or not?


  13. Peanut was saving the hell out of them pictures.He knew he was collecting those pics as collateral just in case it didn’t work out.I feel bad for Kerry, I really do.He never would’ve thought the bitch he was holding in his arms and taking on trips would try to destroy his career.What could he possibly do to get him to stop.He can’t expose him back since that Queen is out about and in everyone’s face, well, trying to be.If Peanut really cared about Kerry then he wouldn’t be doing this to him.

  14. rule number one of the gay game: stay away from these queens. they suck dick good and fuck all the but out ya balls, but they can’t be trusted.

    1. He is a queen anyway, but yea he was messy for that shit. Mr. Cee been through enough and he didn’t deserve that. Bimbo should have given him some good advice.

  15. For the record. I absolutely hate peanut. What he’s doing is disgusting. He does not represent SGL men at all. This is for the lurkers.

  16. Wow! And like Foxandthecity said this is why alot of gays can’t be trusted because once you reject them then all hell breaks loose and before you know it your birth certificate is on the internet. smh.

    Why do mean who don’t like women fuck with niggas that act worse than females with their bitchy ways? smh

  17. Peanut claims Kerry took the nude pics for Peanut to have when Kerry was @ games on the road.Kerry trusted Peanut

    1. That’s the sad part. He trusted him. Queens cannot be trusted, and after what Peanut and Bimbo have done, I’m starting to develop a huge amount of disgust for fem boys.Just saying.

      All that ass up there and I can’t even enjoy looking at none of it because I feel so bad, and this is me saying this lol. I didn’t flinch one bit lol.

  18. Niggas are slipping, man. I’m glad I will never have to worry about being exposed by a queen, they are messy af. I want to talk with Kerry too. What was he thinking? That’s Kerry in that pic too. The way his arm is being held is enough.That’s his pose without a doubt. SMH.

    LMAO@that Taylor and Miley gif.

  19. Where did the ass n semi nude photos come from??? Yes the dude is fine but I feel bad for this guy. He seems really nice and no matter whether he did something to someone else no one deserves to be violated and forced to share info b4 they’re ready. This is why many gays aren’t to be trusted.

    1. Yeah man, Kerry is a nice dude from what I have seen. Why is Peanut doing this to him? Was their falling out that bad? I’m here for Kerry, and not in a sexual way.

      1. Someone on, IG said Kerry just discarded Peanut when he ended relationship.Also Kerry disrepected Peanut when he denied relationship to TMZ.Im not sure if Peanut is conversing with others or responding to himself on IG.Since he has overwhelming support on IG , people telling him to continue exposing Kerry.

      2. I’m confused. Didn’t peanut know he was a secret from jump? Of course Kerry would deny it. What was Kerry supposed to say?

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