“Lets Get Fit!” With An Almost Naked Kerry Rhodes?

play_rhodes_paint_400it looks like peanut is on a revealing tangent.
after it was implied that kerry was allegedly banging maxwell,
the vomit rose in peanut’s throat.
so what would any common folk do?
well he:

a: says that he dating jason collins now

b: shows the world what he doesn’t have the luxury of having anymore

i mean look at all of this “alleged” prime beef here…

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Kerry Rhodes Luh Da Chirren!

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 7.22.49 PMi love this back picture.
you can also have a back like kerry…

so i know everyone focuses on the bad things in kerry rhodes life.
snooze fest.
where’s my pillow?
right now i wanted to focus on the good.
something i’m sure no one will focus on.
this is the foxhole and we like when baller wolves do well.
kerry is currently in his hometown of bessemer,
where he is working with the youth for his kerry rhodes foundation.
he is there to host the “now lets get fit” program this weekend.
he decided to stop and talk to the chirren first…

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