lessons for the left.

people come into our lives for different reasons.
some have a short stay, others are brief, and others last a long time.
but i believe that each one of those people that DO come into our lives,
they teach us something.
need a quick lesson on bravery?
or, a pop quiz in adversity?
or a great lecture in how to speak to inspire many people at one time…

we all have something to learn from the folks who slip in and make themselves at home.
for that, we should be grateful.
we should be thankful that they graced us with whatever presence they made.

when they leave suddenly,
we take whatever it is that they taught us and add it to our mental log books.
as soon as a quick lesson pops up, we whip it out and scroll to that chapter.

always remember the lesson is always positive and should never be looked at negatively.
this is why i always see the good in people and i hope they see the good in me.

so i thank you,
my friend whoever you may be,
and that presence that you brought into my life that was short… maybe,
for whatever you taught me and hopefully, i taught you something.

hopefully we will meet again.
one day.


p.s – you were a positive motivating force in my life.
i enjoyed our emails and i’ll make sure i watch rent tomorrow night.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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