just another day, living in america, where brutal killings are on your small screens

imagine a world where we get to witness people heinously killing others.
we watch each other fuck violently so murder isn’t far off the table.
just imagine tho…

A killing hyena putting a camera on his helmet,
writing slurs against black folks on his weapon,
and shot innocent people as they shopped for groceries on a Saturday.

a supermarket that a majority of black people shopped.
that was yesterday with a white supremacist in buffalo, ny.
his name is payton gendron and he is 18 from conklin, ny.
this was his gun:

he allegedly had “n*gger” written on it as well.
do you know what the scary part is?…

I think we are all desensitized to these mass killings now.

it’s not like we can avoid it.
hyenas showing us their killings on social media.
our timelines have gone to shit.
people send us “the latest shit” in texts and dms.
how can these things scare us anymore?

“Just another day I wasn’t caught in any crossfire by a lunatic.
Lemme wish the victims well and put up a selfie of my food at this restaurant.”

everyone will move on by tomorrow.
i feel it creates less empathy within us.

It wasn’t us or anyone we know so “eh”.

what is going on with the world?
it’s bad that i took a little reset yesterday and wanna reset again.
it made me wonder…

Is this the America that my mother envisioned when she brought me here?

…or was this always the “amercian dream”?

lowkey: i can’t wait those videos of the killings.
i’m trying to keep my spirit open for manifestation.
that shit is beyond evil.

7 thoughts on “just another day, living in america, where brutal killings are on your small screens

  1. This kid is 18 with a rifle! Walked into a grocery store and the media instantly stopped talking about it. Let it be a 18 year old black kid walked inside a Whole Foods in a pro dominantly white neighborhood and before he can get inside, grocery shoppers would act like security and say what are you doing here, fake store managers saying we refuse to serve you here, accuse him pulling his phone out as having a gun and he would be shot before he leaves the parking lot. This kid would be talked about as having being a “gangbanger” on social media, bad grades, no strong family support, living in the system, making trouble every where he goes for a whole week. Being held for over 24 hours before even contacting his parents on conspiracy to commit a mass murder spree.

  2. Here is what gets me heated. A black man gets pulled over and it takes 4 squad cars just to get him out the car because he is scared to get shot for being black. No weapon or anything is shown but because he is SCARED and they see that as resisting arrest.

    A white person, clearly has an assault rifle, or a military weapon, killed over 20 people, threatens to kill more if allowed time to, walks in clear view with no hostages, or walks with a knife clearly trying to kill somebody and police will not draw a weapon at all and will talk with him, buy them food, give them water, ask how their day is going, what are their plans and future goals and ask how many more and where they got the weapons from, exchange ammo locations and all, and will be labeled as “having a bad day”.

    Are we conditioned that this is normal now, yes because USA is not changing gun laws to protect these assholes. Until a white man walks into a Catholic Church during Mass and shoots it up, there is nothing this country is going to do to change the law. Until then they don’t see what the problem is. Let a Black man, show he has a gun and the army comes to get him and he has a conceal and carry permit and they will find a way to say he was wrong.

    That is America, period.

  3. To be honest this is a prime example of why I am not with the whole banning people from public platforms like Twitch over hate and bigoted views. I wanna know who these MF are at all times and know those that are supportive just like them. This left/right bullshit wants to give you this false sense of security that we have changed…NOTHING has changed, if anything it makes it easier to plan and formulate now. If you keep banishing them to the shadows then you’ll never see them coming.

      1. Very good point. Obama brought out the “Tea Party Racist” and Trump brought out the “Republican Racist” ,
        Illiterate Anti- Vaxxers and Dumb N#gg#s who supported him like Ice Cube and Lil Wayne , That Kodak Black Thang!

  4. Tragic & Anger!!!

    My heart breaks for the lives lost and my prayers of comfort for their loved ones !!



    Shame on America!!!!

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