Jonathan “Heat” Martinez Gets Some Sex Tape Leakage?

/the following entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i guess it’s an alleged brother nut spillage today.
so i got some leakage dropped off to my box marked:

jonathan “heat” martinez getting head

i’ve looked at the clip,
but i can’t tell.
so i’ll let the foxhole decide

unlike his brother in the last entry,
heat didn’t show his face.
if we all know heat by now,
we have learned he can’t resist the spotlight to be extra.
i would imagine his tongue would be out somewhere in the video.
whoever was getting the dome was focused on the nut than the camera.
the bawdy is similar to his.
the grindin’ of the hips is also a “heat” type move.
the view is really awkward so i can’t see any tats.
so this is a “idk” on my head for this leakage.
at one point,
i thought it was this wolf:

if it is heat,
it would be a lot better than his corny connectpal channel.
if it isn’t,
will the real owner please show face?

lowkey: if the alleged is heat,
the vixen reached around to squeeze on those fat dominican bunz.
i would have done the same.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Jonathan “Heat” Martinez Gets Some Sex Tape Leakage?

  1. when you said you thought it was the other guy, I JUST realized I thought these two were the same guy 😧😳😩

    1. LOL. Rafael’s dick is thicker than Heat’s. I tried a lil’ freeze frame action, but the camera moves too fast to freeze. There was one instance I got a good side view of the lips and nose profile, but I couldn’t really tell if it was him. The navel looks like Heat’s…but again, this one is hard to tell. When she took the dick out of he mouth,it kinda resembled Heat’s…but again, this clip is short and too much movement.

      I’d like to see Heat’s stroke game, though. I’ve heard it’s weak.

      1. I thought Rafael was gay? LOL
        And it’s not him. His navel is inwards. The guy in the video had a torso exactly like Heat’s.. We might be onto something here

      2. To be brutally honest, I don’t see the big deal with this guy Heat. He’s all body, but his affect speaks to someone who is cognitively challenged. I don’t think he’s that good looking at all. His alleged brother is much better looking than he is.

      3. Heat has a tattoo on his left upper arm and I didn’t see any tattoos in this video.. Unless the video/camera was flipped. Who knows. What I do know is that he likes making these cringy videos around Ritz and food so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s him

  2. In the case of Jonathan “Heat” Martinez getting dome in some random spot, the video evidence CLEARLY states that it’s not him. It’s too hard to tell with the guy getting neck next to some Ritz crackers does not know how to hold the camera well and also he could have used the selfie stick. Oh well, case closed!

  3. It doesn’t look like him from what I can tell. I can also see that her head game is lacking…Heat isn’t all THAT. He has a nice body. That ass though….Speaks volumes.

  4. So funny there was this guy on tumblr that wrote this big ass expose’ on the size of Heat’s dick. lol Long story short he was arguing with some of Heat’s gay fans about how Heat DOESN’T have a 9 inch dick. They were so adamant that it is. And, I agree with dude, Heat is about a good 6.5 inches at best. NO bigger 7.

    1. Heat doesn’t even like gay people. In fact, he was threatening to sue a couple of gay blogs. I don’t know about that tea but I do know that he doesn’t want to dance for or even entertain gay men. But the gag is, he did dance at a gay bar. IDK I give up on these closet case faggots.

      1. ^he sure did and the receipt is somewhere in the archives of the foxhole.
        he better not try that “sue gay blogs” shit now that he was featured on a tv show.

  5. It’s him. He made sure to keep that tat out of frame- but look at his belly button: Half inny, half outty- that’s just as signature as anything. The other guy has a completely receded inny belly button, that shit wouldn’t pop out if he were 9 months pregnant.

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