Jarrett Jenkins Does “Tag Team” With A NFl Baller Wolf

you already know how i feel about jarrett jenkins.
he is my jailhouse bawdy bae wolf.
well i saw he posted these videos with a baller wolf bae…

don’t make me stop!
i’m hangry and sometimes i can’t wait to eat my meat.
well his name is ricardo louis.
this is what i gathered from his dossier:

215 lbs of meat
forest: miami
college: aubrun
current team: cleveland browns
position: wide receiver

his nose is completely ignorant.
you know i love a big nose on a wolf.
not only that,
he is fine af.
his face,
and “well done” skin.
when he looked to the side in those video,
i nearly lost my mind.
he has the type of facial that gets my attention.
he isn’t as rough & raw lookin’ as jarrett,
but i always liked my meat in different flavors.

lowkey: jarrett posted this…

i’d hold that nut.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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