“J” Got That

when i saw ^this wolf on marvin bienamie’s ig,
i legit screamed.
he looks like a wolf that i had a crush on out here!
it’s not him tho.
this one’s name is j and…

…he is definitely the type of wolf i’d have both eyes on.
he looks like the type who pops up at your job or school.
gotchu like:

j is my legit “eye fuckin on sight” type of crush.
i can sense a fuck-jackal wafting underneath tho.
i’d let him fuck up my life for a month.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on ““J” Got That”

  1. are the photographers gay who you often mention snapping these dudes?
    what are their website urls, so I can check out more of their fine specimen?

  2. Transcripts:
    Jamari: “I’d let him fuck up my life for a month.”

    BlackPegasus: “okay Kenya Moore, call me when after it’s done.”

    * hangs up the phone *

  3. Thank goodness for Tyler Perry and Marvin. They give these dudes a chance at modeling before some white perv like BlackBoyAddicitions turns them out

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