if you took the vaccine, you’re gonna die! LMAO

I had a friend who didn’t take the vaccine.
She was adamant about not taking it even though I did.
Whenever she would hear alleged bad news about taking the vaccine,
she would always say:

“Ya’ll went and took that vaccine…”
“Ya’ll this…”
“Ya’ll that…”

…and i found that shit to be really disrespectful.
i was about two seconds from cussin’ her ass TF out.

I’m your friend and I took the shot.
If I died because I took what I thought was best for me at the time,
is that really okay?????

i find it interesting how so many people foam at the mouth at bad news regards to the vax.
they be like:

you vaxxed hoes are gonna die!”

this is the latest on elon twitter from japan:

along with fauci’s admissions the other day:

folks out here drinkin’,
taking all kinds of drugs,
eatin’ all kinds of bad shit,
raw sexin’ everyone…

…but concerned with the safety of the vax?

what are we even talking about
i want to tell these folks who are so excited because they didn’t get the vax:

“Okay but you do realize you can get cancer,
Matter of fact,

You could walk outside and get hit by a car.
Maybe even minding your business and someone decides to start shooting up the joint.”

i’m confused why some of these people think they are gonna live forever out here.
it’s so disrespectful to their loved ones who took it.
people were dying so what did they expect everyone to do in moments of fear?
pull it together because its giving psychopath.

so let’s font that the vax ends up killing all of us.

All these folks who survived are stuck on Earth with all the other conspiracy theorists who are all gonna be conspiring to kill each other.

you see how paranoid they are now.
it will be pure hell on earth.
i took the vax and its whatever at this point.
if it’s my time to go because of the vax…


lowkey: didn’t trump’s ass take the vax when he got the rona?
wasn’t he the one who approved it?

10 thoughts on “if you took the vaccine, you’re gonna die! LMAO

  1. First, people in the modern era especially in the United States, millennials and under seem to not understand that they are not immortal; not to be morbid but people have a hard time with the concept of death, hell, you can’t even say it anymore; people will say un-alive, transition, you can’t say death, kill, murder, or suicide really. People think that if they go vegan and do complex yoga moves, they will live to be 900 years old.

    If people want to relitigate the pandemic, then fine, but let’s do it accurately and honestly. It just needs to be said that vaccines are effective and have been instrumental in reducing diseases like measles, polio, tetanus, etc., and because of the anti-vaccine movement these diseases we thought we were past are starting to make a comeback. The problem is as a society there is no accountability for being wrong, we have entertained conspiracy theorists and now these theorists have combined with the anti-vaccine movement. You have to remember these anti-vaccine people have been around since the late 90’s telling people that vaccines were causing kids to become autistic or develop some form of developmental, retardation with little to no evidence, and now that Covid is a thing anyone who dies or suffers any type of medical issue under the age of 35 years old is the result of the vaccine.

    Look at what they said about Lebron James’ son Bronny James. He suffered a medical emergency with his heart and now it is because of the vaccine, mind you with no evidence, we don’t even know honestly if he even took the vaccine, but these conspiracy theories must latch on to anything to justify their position. Shaquille O’Neal’s son suffered the same thing before COVID-19 and its crickets.

    at the end of the day, you did the right thing Jamari.

  2. Jamari, I’m confused by your post. Dr. Fauci’s testimony on the hill on Tuesday had nothing to do with whether the vaccine is safe and efficacious. Instead, it concerned the effectiveness of the CDC’s response to the initial stages of the Covid pandemic, e.g., the effectiveness of social distancing guidelines and masking. There have been no credible studies that have concluded that the vaccines are not safe and effective. Until there is proof – real scientific evidence – that links the vaccines with death or serious illness, then we are doing a disservice if we promote – directly or indirectly – the anti-vaccine trope.

  3. Vaccinated or not, long Covid is real. Covid is still mutating. I got it once. And refuse to ever again. To this day, I still wear a mask. I don’t think the vaccine helped. I got it right after getting the shot and it was BAD. I haven’t gotten it since and I think keeping my immune system strong has mattered more than anything. Haven’t gotten the boosters and been fine.

    It’s up to everyone to make their own decision. There definitely was a “if you don’t take it, you’re uneducated and don’t believe in science” cult vibe going on. People were incorporating the shot they took into their usernames. It was WEIRD.

    The fact it was fasttracked to be released..of course that’d worry people. Things go in trials for DECADES before being released and even then have unforseen side effects.

    Do whatever you want with your body. Somebody being trepidatious about the vaccine is not the same as believing the world is flat and that was the problem. Not allowing people to do what they want, with THEIR body.

    As long as people wore masks, I didn’t care. It’s them not wearing the masks, saying COVID was a hoax that incensed me. Saying something that took several loved ones is a hoax, is akin to saying slavery didn’t happen.

    I was/am still disgusted by the “covid was a hoax/Chinese election fraud” psychos and the “if you don’t take the vax, you deserve to die because natural selection”.

    I never need to be in another pandemic in my lifetime because people truly lost their minds.

  4. Wow! Jamari it seems like to me you’re more upset with us the unvaxxed who tried to warn you about taking this biological weapon then the people in power who lied to you in your face to convince you that this was the right thing to do. Don’t you think you should be shifting that energy towards the people like Dr Fauci and the CDC??? This situation is fucked up on so many levels but you just wait this right here is only scratching the surface hopefully we figure out a way to get out of this mess in one piece.#Arrest Dr.Fauci and CDC.

      1. THIS!!! @Marqui Skeins

        We done been shot up w everything under the sun since we were newborns, and now that they gave these base model hoz internet access that allows them to conspiracy theorize every damn thing, they wana STILL be talking about this damn vax. What they didn’t tell us is that the other option to be permanently safe from the 19 is to repeatedly bang ur head against the wall until you want a nap. 100% 19 proof! Trust me!

        1. 3 years later and y’all are still being disrespectful and condescending. Y’all honestly sound exactly like religious people talking down to atheists. It’s fascinating how you cannot see the parallels.

    1. ^kelly,
      i respect your font and always giving great opinions so i’ll font this.

      when i was going back and forth with my worry about taking the vaccine,
      i made a post asking everyone what i should do.
      i was scared because they were saying we couldn’t do anything in this city without been vaxxed.
      many foxholers told me to take it.
      i don’t recall seeing you telling me i shouldn’t have taken it.
      if you did,
      then excuse my ignorance.

      i asked family and friends as well to an astounding “yes”.
      again: i was VERY nervous about it.
      my conspiracy theorist friend i mentioned in this entry,
      who was sounding completely nuts at the time,
      was the only one who had pause about it.

      so i took it.
      i don’t think i looked down on anyone who took it nor did i say they were not in the popular club of those who did.
      it was entirely up to any and everyone who took it.
      the same with wearing masks and going out when we were told to stay in our cribs.

      at this point,
      it is what it is.

      1. There’s so much to unpack here Jamari but firstly, I would like to say if my memory serves me correctly, I do remember a post where you referenced the vax and I was one of those people who did warn you. I think that was back in maybe 2020 or 2021 I’ve been riding with you for years so you would probably have to do some digging. Also I wanna say if I came off condescending or disrespectful in anyway in your post that was never my intention. I love ya Jamari I don’t ever wanna hear or read that something has happened to you, that would feel like a death in a family if something happens to you. You don’t know me from adam but that’s just how much your presence has had such a profound effect on the lives of so many people I wanna see here for many more years to come cuttin’ up and acting a fool on these internet’s streets.😂😂😂😘

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