I Rant, You Rant (We All Rant For Ice Cream)

tumblr_mfb0yenF4Z1qlhu6xo1_500this morning i had a little rant.
if star fox was alive,
i would have skipped the entry and just called him to rant.
it was sitting on my spirit and i needed to release it.
i have no regrets.
this is one of the reasons i made this website.
i’m not above lookin’ like a dumb ass or even complaining.
i wanted to talk about the good times,
as well as the things that annoy me on this journey in my life.
not everything will be perfect.
living the life of a fox can be a challenge.
we all want to be loved.
we all want someone.
it’s life.
one of the struggles of my life.
i’m pretty much over it tho.
i bought a pack of glazed donuts so i’m chillin’.
thanks to the foxhole who left comments as well.
god is still working on me.

lowkey: i’m still open to dating outside my race tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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