i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (95)

so folks dress up to go to wwe on a weekend?
after a long ass week of dealing with annoying ass corporate shit,
i’d want to relax and get drunk.
if i’m lucky,
fuck the stress away.
this isn’t the story down in atlanta

he took that entire bar stool and hit him with it.
it was some shit you’d see in the movies.
so yeah…

wtf is going on down in those neck of the woods?
this has been like the 3rd video of seeing so far of some major beefs down there.
full blown brawls with no explanation as to why.
we need to send extreme light and love to the atlanta gay scene.
no reason for all this anger.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (95)”


    Now what if that man hit his head on the table, fell over, had a seizure and died? Yo dumbass on video cracking a stool over his head. Ppl out here fighting to murder, it’s crazy Smh.

    1. ^folks don’t be thinking.
      you hit someone the wrong way,
      your ass is in jail for YEARS.

      he threw that chair like billy bad ass.
      he better be glad he just fell and that was it

  2. I be having a good ole time down on Christopher St. down at the pier watching the girls vogue and it’ll all be good and before you know it BRICKS are flying. I be gathering myself like Viola in that gif and move on back down the stream to Westchester 😂😂 I be wanting no parts. I’m like these white folks down here come in my job all the time I cannot be seen around this mess

  3. Security didn’t do their job. You see how slowly they were moving?!
    They were like fuk that, I’m not getting hurt. LOL

      1. Yessir Jamari!! Like a candy store, whatever your flavor, it was up in Bulldogs! I haven’t been in years, my friends tell me that the young folks have taken over!! I remember back then there were so many clubs to go to, Loretta’s, Traxx, Colors, Colorbox, Bulldogs, Peargarden. The Peargarden and Loretta’s was the place to be on Sundays!! So much fun back then.

  4. It seems like all the guy was doing was recording and not even in the fight. The dude took an opportunity to hit him for some other reason outside of this fight

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