I Got That Non-Existent D.I.L.F. Money

6Bf0i5YSpli don’t know HOW this happened…
you ever had a song creep all the way up on your ass?
especially when you was trying to hate it?
well it’s this “milf$” track by fergie

i already labelled the track as:


…but i liked the “muthafucka” part.
i saw some vixens on social media today copying this part:gallery-1467546732-milf-money
…and i’m certain these vixens don’t even have cubs.
all i know after a whiile i kept hummin’ the damn:

“i got that
i got that
i got that…”

…and i been listening to it all night since.
damn you fergie!
damn you!

lowkey: am i the only one who thinks fergie is pretty?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “I Got That Non-Existent D.I.L.F. Money”

  1. It’s a fun summer song. Also I don’t know where Fergie has been or what she’s been doing but she looks the best I’ve ever seen her look in that video She somehow looks younger

  2. That’s get they get you 😊 after awhile its nonstop. I’ve always thought fergie was pretty but I agree she looks softer in the face must be that good loving

  3. Thankfully, i forgot how it goes LOL! Fergie is beautiful but that song was terrible, video was even worse. Very tacky.

  4. I’ve always thought that Fergie is a beautiful woman, but I don’t like this song or video. I do like the cover art for the single!! She looks good😘😘

  5. People can hate in Fergie all they want, but this chick always brings it…she stays in her lane does what she knows best; pop-hop…I dig it

  6. I always felt that Fergie sang better back when she was in Wild Orchid, but the drugs fucked up her voice, leaving her with the ranges she uses now. Not feeling this song, but I love Glamorous and Big Girls Don’t Cry.

  7. I absolutely love the video. The song has to grow on me but I have no idea what people were expecting. This is the same woman who gave us London Bridge, Fergalicious, and My Humps lol.

  8. Aint nobody checking for this terrible song about moms. It’s a Beyonce/Rihanna World. Back to the drawing board Fergs…Sidenote-Ciara is a beast. Kim K looks seriously stuffed. Like a cornish hen.

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