How To Get Your Superstar Boyfriend’s Maid To Break Up With You

trustnobitchdeviousmaidsi don’t know if you guys watched devious maids on lifetime tonight.
my gatdamn show!
well tonight’s episode was superstar boyfriends and the things they ask their maids to do.
one which happens to break up with your ass.
those who watched you know i want to talk about it.
those who didn’t you have to:

x watch the last episode first
x watch the new episode now

lowkey: i love this damn show.
next week looks like it’s gonna be serious with that ending.

tumblr_mpszdrLfLJ1rjhh5ho1_250i’m ready for it!

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “How To Get Your Superstar Boyfriend’s Maid To Break Up With You”

  1. I have never seen this show.I remember the controversy when it came out with some Latinos being upset that all the maids are Latino.I will check it out.
    Oprah Life class with TD Jakes @Megafest came on last night.
    Also TMZ has a video of Wentworth Miller from Prison Break discussing his struggle with coming out publicly, multiple suicide attempts, etc.He spoke at HRC dinner recently

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