Having A “Blond” Moment


frankie o dropped a surprise album on our asses this weekend.
he called it.
i had to ask ya’ll what your thoughts were?
you had to know the post was coming.
my thoughts: i dig it.
i gotta listen to endless tho.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “Having A “Blond” Moment”

  1. Man, I really can’t get into Frank. Something about the way he writes and structures his own songs doesn’t really do it for me. I love the writing he does for other people, but I have a hard time getting into his music.

    1. @King,

      You are not by yourself and many people agree Frank is over hyped and mediocre. He has to be the artist that has received the most free promo for someone that can not push platinum. Fuck Frank, where is that new Lauryn Hill album?

      1. Yeah…I’m inclined to agree with Dee Jay & King…Frank’s music does nada for me. Can’t get into it.

    2. I agree, I also tried to get into Channel Orange years ago but I couldn’t. Just not my thing I guess.

      I do think he’s talented though & deserves his recognition. If Sam Smith can be overexposed, I don’t see why Frank can’t.

  2. I like it a lot, my favorite songs are Solo,Godspeed,Pink and White,Nights,Siegfried,Ivy,Self Control.I pretty much like all of it.

    But you know I am a Frank Stan,that’s how I found this site in 2012.I was googling Frank and you had a post about him getting his gap fixed.

    So I got emotional listing to Blond.Also reading his poem “Boyfriend” from his Boys Dont Cry Zine.

      1. I have seen gay people criticize him for not specifically talking about same sex love using male pronouns.At NPR some writers said he mentioned black people who have died like A$AP,Pimp C,Trayvon Martin but he didn’t mention any LGBT artist or LGBT people.Funny I never hear people say Sam Smith or Adam Lambert should mention LGBT people in their songs.
        On Twitter mostly guys were saying they are uncomfortable listening to his lyrics because he mentions gay bars or same sex relations.So one group people like him only because he is gay AND another group won’t listen to his record because he has gay content.LMAO

    1. “People just like him because he’s gay” Which HIM are you referring to Miguel or Frank?😕

      Miguel is a better vocalist/entertainer Frank is a better songwriter/storyteller.I don’t know why people compare them,a better comparison is Miguel vs Chris Brown

      1. They’re both more alternative so the comparison is valid. The Weeknd could be thrown in there as well.

        Yes people Stan for him because he’s gay, especially gay men because that makes him more attainable than any other singer who might tolerate homosexuals or fans that aren’t women at best.

        Miguel is better overall as far as music and songwriting. My opinion.

  3. Frank is at that point as most producers where your best work goes out to other artists. He also makes a common pitfall of making albums that are personal and relatable to himself, but deeply confusing, incoherent and too far left for the listener. I could barely gather a single complete sentence from any songs. He and Miguel both made the same mistake of releasing albums that are unlistenable and too left of center for any commercial and appeal. He must have been snorting his good shit making this album. This album didnt live up to a fraction of the years of anticipation that took to be released. D-

  4. Frank Ocean is brilliant.

    I hate to be one of “those” people, but the people who can’t get into Frank Ocean are usually those same people who have a hard time getting into any music that requires you to listen. They want something that’s easily digestible.

    Also, it really annoys me when people suggest his fans (particularly, his gay fans) only like his music because he’s been into men. We don’t ever say the same thing about straight artists.

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