Go Hard On Me

^that use to be me

blame it on being a spoiled brat.
i can admit it.
well i wasn’t always “this person” today.
i use to be very sensitive.
you couldn’t tell me nada without me getting mad.

3bi would be mad defensive.
always trying to argue my point.
i remember when star fox would try to give me constructive criticism.
oh boy.
i would legit catch an attitude.
well after a few choke holds and a couple head locks,
i got it together.

i listen to everyone’s advice.
some comments hurt like hell,
and some can be rude as hell,
but that’s what happens when the truth is told.
i call it growing pains.
i’m not one of these sensitive ass bloggers/celebrities out here.

the ones who need you to only say “yes”
the ones who erase comments and block their readers
the ones who only want to appear perfect

i don’t ever want to be “that person”.
i can be a mess.
stubborn as hell and i have a soft ass.
well compliments of cocoa butter creme.
okay back to the point.
anyway i can handle criticism if i feel it is constructive.
i also appreciate tough love.
so don’t think that i crawl up in a ball.
well “the work wolf chronicles” broke me down.
i do get sad when i read certain things about me.
i’m human.
i’m still reading and listening.
thank you for being there through my trials and tribulations.
like i said,
i’m getting it together one fuck up at a time.
be patient with me.
ya fox is trying.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Go Hard On Me”

  1. Aw, you’re so cute Jamari!
    I love how humble you are.

    I know I can be opinionated, but I don’t see any reason to be particularly harsh in giving my opinions. Like JAY said in another post, I’m not living your life, I do care about what happens to you, I do, (you’re like my friend in my head LOL) so I care a lot, but I give my opinion, and let you make your decision, and respect it whether I agree or not. BUT THAT’S JUST ME…LOL!

    I have learned this lesson with one of my friends, she’s one of those that needs to learn to experience things for herself, she doesn’t learn by someone screaming in her ear not to do something. She has to go through it. So when I deal with her I give her a cautionary warning, and 90% of the time she ignores mine and everyone else’s advice and ends up calling me crying… Sometimes she doesn’t learn, but I think you are one of those that can really learn from your mistakes. You’re aware of what’s going on.

    I think we are all like that in part at times. There are just some situations, where you just have to test the waters out for yourself, and that’s it, its called life; YOUR life. There’s no use in panicking and freaking out over it lol. Just be there to support them if something should happen.

    The onus is on YOU to learn the lesson out of it all! As long as you learn something out of it and grow, I’m all for backing you, its when people have a habit of making the same mistake that I go #Byefelicia.

    You’re a great human being Jamari, you know that?

  2. Your fine Jamari, your only human you don’t have to apologize for your mistakes the true foxhole has your back not just random pop ups who try to bash you or leave negative comments.

  3. I always TRY to give be constructive and not destructive when I make comments.I try to be compassionate and empathic.We are all works in progress.My only wish is you recognize your worth and don’t settle for less than you deserve.

  4. Glad you’re not taking it too hard. After yelling at you, we’ll still pick you up when you fall. Lol.

  5. Give yourself a break. We’re all human.

    I’ve never heard any good advice or constructive criticism that makes anyone feel low or inferior. Good advice empowers you to do and be better.

    So while being open to criticism is a good thing, being too susceptible to what everyone else says can make you second guess yourself.

  6. We’re all rooting for you J. Even if we have to yell at you sometimes. Lol. You’re human, we’re human. We all make mistakes. No judgement here bro.

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