fredo_llh is on his knees with an apology bouquet for the gays

am i the only one who thinks fredo aka fredo_llh looks better with clothes on?
sure he looks good naked,
but some males look REALLY GOOD fully or partially clothed.

you ever saw a male and his clothes fit his bawdy just right?
The shirt shows highlight his arms and chest.
His pants can’t hide his thick ass and legs.
Chef’s kiss.

is there a fetish for that?
some of ya’ll didn’t let up on dragging fredo after ( x his pride month tweet ).
he got that apology booted up quickly…

he trusted someone to run his twitter and they posted that nonsense?
so we’re gonna shut the door to that excuse…

…but i could see a vixen with jealousy issues posting that tbh.
he apologized for whoever posted the offending tweet so i think we can move on.
i haven’t heard of him being a demon who needs to get canceled like others.
you know the others
fredo is pretty harmless and goes above and beyond to provide fantasy content.
ya’ll got him out here showing his feets and watching him take a dump for coins.
as usual:

Some gays need to always remember he’s straight and chill TF out
Fredo should realize some of the ratchets in the gay community have no chill

if he comes out of character again,
or someone under his account comes out of character,

i’d suggest throwing him away.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “fredo_llh is on his knees with an apology bouquet for the gays”

  1. That nigga typed that idk who he think he’s fooling. He’s handsome but honestly here in Philly I’ve seen guys on the block who look Sexier than Him. Too many people are famous for nothing these days. You can tell he’s a hood bul that doesn’t fuck with LGBT he’s just apologizing to keep his fanbase. Just like the Diva singers that gay men love to worship ye6 doesn’t love them.

    1. @Malcom! That part! Especially the last sentence…
      I like Philly guys! Heck all East Coast guys. They come with a lot of headaches though lol.

    2. “You can tell he’s a hood bul that doesn’t fuck with LGBT.”

      But doesn’t he appear on an LGBTQ web series???

      Something isn’t adding up. Hmmm.

      Anyways, he sounds afraid of losing those beans so he tried to clean things up and only made more of a mess.

  2. I’m sure whoever is running his Twitter is the one who wrote that apology as well, shiddd they may have written the original post. It may all be scheme but the producers to bring the mess.

    Anywho, I was kind of surprised with the original tweet because he has always maintained that he is straight but been very gay friendly. He is well aware of his gay following and done multiple appearances at gay clubs and bars. But people change up. Anyway, I think we can move on and if it happens again, we know something is foul in the fleet.

    His body is nice, but not insane. He is definitely pretty fine dressed. Honestly, his face and cakes are what do it for me. Those eyes and lips ❤️! I miss his gap too.

  3. Every time there’s a backlash, they all come up with the bullshit, “someone hack into my shit” comment. No bitch, you wrote it yourself. The gays gonna cancel you…and didn’t he beat on a woman?!

  4. I’m going to maintain that I am not supporting his work/content tbh. Once I saw one j/o and hole video I’ve seen them all.

    He’s cute but yeah I’m sure my little non-support wont hurt his pockets though.

  5. Fine pineapples always have grammatical errors. He didn’t write this lol.

    He did write the previous tweet though lol

  6. This was the right move, even if it was a lie. You gotta keep your fans happy, you at work, in the content you make for the gays you are gay, if it’s for the straight women you are straight. Customer service people have to pretend to be happy serving you, even if they aren’t.

  7. I like the statement that Bebe just said about the customer service. Plenty of people do things to make a living, but I am not surprised one at all. The ratchet gay guys do need to understand that these men are straight and has to up hold their image. Stop all the craziness and if you got offended move the fuck on!!!!!

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