f0x Asks: Am I The Only One Judging ATL Right Now?


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37 thoughts on “f0x Asks: Am I The Only One Judging ATL Right Now?”

  1. Yo Stevie J, resembles my high school Geography teacher, damn Im just realizing it…

  2. I told myself I would not watch this ratchet ass mess, and as a matter of fact I said I was going to boycott VH-1 show for all the fuckery they show. But that was another lie I told myself. One of my good friends told me I had to see it, so after coming here and reading the comments, I just watched the reruns. OMG, this shit was worse than I could even imagine, but I know I will watch again if for nothing else than Mama D. I just wish her ass had her own show. I was not ready for the this level of FUCKERY. Wow I need to re-evaluate why I like ratchet shit.

  3. Lol I’m on twitter and I’m trying to figure why would people think K. Michelle possibly lied about Memphitz beating her and essentially spending all of her budget? He’s not exactly famous so what would be her motivation for lying on him? Just because he seems like the ideal husband to Toya doesn’t mean he wasn’t doing some low down shit to K. Michelle.

  4. I happen to believe most of it is scripted, but there are realistic aspects of the show. Like, for instance, the drama between Scrappy’s mom and Diamond.

    That said, Scrappy is sexy as fuck!

  5. I watched it but I can’t continue watching. It is worse than Love and Hip Hop (NYC). Scripted and too much mess. I know it will be a hit though because messy people will watch religiously.

    1. Yup, but don’t feel bad. I might stop watching it because I might end up with a stomach ulcer if I continue to watch.

  6. I like Mimi and her friends, Erica, and K Michelle but everyone else on the show is a hot ass steaming country mess.

    Momma Dee is clearly bipolar. RihannaMan is a bold and brazen bitch. Unfortunately there a tons of dudes like Stevie J so he’s not surprising–but what is surprising is no one got violent, at all, when there should have been blood…at least a slap upside the head or a donkey kick in the stomach, something.


  7. My ONLY thought is this show is just as RATCHET as the one in N.Y.

    Scrappy’s mom is just as crazy as Frankie and Jim Jones’ mom.

    Scrappy is full of shit.

    Scrappy’s baby mama is a fool for taking his dumb ass back.

    Stevie J (jackass) is a known whore. He will FUCK anything that walks. He is the SAME dude who leaked his sextape with Eve and ruined her career. He a pussy whipped mutha’ because Joseline got him wrapped like gum!

    She is not a woman or a man, she is a nasty whore. She is a stripper trying to come up. (She looks like a drag queen (calling her tranny would be disrespectful to transgender people) because of all that ridiculous drag and all that plastic surgery!

    His baby mama is retarded. He done did everything but told you…what the hell do you need to know ma?

    I am ashamed to be from this city right now!

  8. And got the scoop on Joseline did you know stevie j found her at a gay and tranny club that his is known to hit up regularly and that guy that k michelle was talking about that beat her ass and stole all her money from her was memphitz toyas husband and he was buying toya gifts with the money he was suppose to be using on k michelle MESSY MESSY MESSY

      1. Yes called Bulldogs its an Atl staple. If you pay attention they did a few scenes in the parking lot. On sand rose.com they have a high school photo of Joselyn back when she was know as Joe. Speaking of who is this chick fooling. There are no camera tricks in the world that can put a baby in her penis. It’s all sad. So far I am loving Momma Dee, K.Michele, and Rasheeda. I just wish my bitch Diamond stayed on the show. She filmed for a week but once she found out Lil Scrappy and his hood mama made cast, she quit.

      2. Yup at a gay bar but my thing is he can’t be serious about making her a international star just because you look like rihanna doesn’t mean you are going to be a star

      1. Exactly and you notice all his artists that he signs never release a album cause he always spends up all there recording budgets the only artists that released a album off of his label was huey and thats only because he had that big international hit called pop lock and drop it

    1. He is attractive on the outside, but on the inside he aint shit, which makes him trash in my eyes.

    2. He makes me feel uncomfortable…like looking at R Kelly.

      I’m attracted but I know it’s wrong.


  9. This show is a hot ass ratchet mess but its entertaining as hell and I believe this show is not scripted because you can’t make this stuff up period but my favorite is momma dee she don’t play

  10. I had a headache after I watched that. Mimi needs to wake the fuck up and get out of that deep sleep she’s in. What is wrong with Mimi, like seriously? Is she that deep in love? She is a very beautiful woman who is wifey material IMO. I hate watching good women like Mimi lose to women like Joseline. WTF? When Stevie J answered Joseline’s call, she should have snatched those glasses off his face and broke them in half. It’s sad how some men are such dogs, and how women tolerate their behavior.

    1. Yes, I heard that too. I watch the season preview and she took a pregnancy test, so I wouldn’t say that she’s a man just yet. If she pops out a baby, she was clearly born a woman.

    2. Maybe that whole storyline will help some people see how foolish they look. That’s real life shit for some of these women and men. They allow love or financial dependency to reduce them to being openly disrespected on the regular.

      Naw I don’t think she’s a man, she’s just built like she’s been in prison because she’s been stripping for a decade. Her accent annoys the fuck out of me though. Lol

      People say Stevie J does swing both ways though.

      1. It’s her accent, the fact she’s a hoodrat, and the fact she has a speech impediment.

  11. I hope to God its scripted.

    To think that Mimi would take that blatant disrespect is sickening. He treated her like a sidepiece and treated his real sidepiece like his main. Love is not an excuse to be disrespected and just plain stupid.

    K. Michelle is country as fuck too. She sounds like she could live in Texas. Lol

    Karlie and Ariane are the most attractive.

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