Everyone’s Riding August Alsina Dick Now

tumblr_mlw5z1EOmP1rpgrnko1_500so everyone has been talkin about the newest def jam singer,
august alsina.
they’re all riding him pretty hard actually.
“oh mah gawdz i want him to have my babiez n shit.”
well i was like:
“great another light skinned-ed singer with tats!”.
is he your kind of meat?…

tumblr_mefs94elsz1qebu4so1_500personally im not attracted to him,
as he looks “someone on the streets soho on the weekend”,
but what makes him stand out than the rest is his story.
you know jamari fox is a sucka for someone with a testimony.
at least have something to tell me besides an ig filter.
this is a snippet from the ( x def jam site ):

August learned at an early age that drugs and money could make you, or break you. With both his father and stepfather battling crack addiction, August’s mother moved their family to Houston, Texas in search of a fresh start. But Houston provided no happy ending. For years, a young August endured a home life plagued by drugs and violence. At just 14, he got word from New Orleans that is father, August Sr., lost his battle with drugs and alcohol.

In an attempt to escape his reality, August took to Youtube, where he posted dozens of homemade performance videos. His clips covering the likes of Musiq Soulchild and Lyfe Jennings went viral, generating millions of views in just over a month. It seemed that he was finally taking his first steps toward a bright future in music, but just a year later, reality hit home when his best friend was shot and killed in the streets of Houston. As quickly as August appeared, he vanished form Youtube, back to the real world. With tensions mounting, 16-year-old August was kicked out of his mother’s home. Alone, he returned to New Orleans. He bounced around between family and friends houses, but on some nights, only the corner store provided him shelter. Eventually, he took to the streets, selling drugs as a means of survival.

With his older brother also in the streets hustling, it wouldn’t be long before August learned that the addiction to money could be as deadly as the addiction to drugs. Just days before August’s 18th birthday, his older brother was gunned down in New Orleans East, another unsolved murder in one of the nations most dangerous cities. “I never expected them [the police] to find his killer”, August explains. “People die everyday in the streets of New Orleans. Unfortunately, death has become a way of life,” but not for August. His brother’s death became his motivation to not become a statistic, but to pursue his musical aspirations on an entirely new level.

i feel you august.
i feel-ed-ed you and this story here.
glad you made your way out the craziness to something positive.
now please don’t go get some ghetto hoodrat or video hoe pregnant.
lets keep it at “your come up” story.
not “her come up” story.
good luck.

x his twitter
x his instagram
x go to his youtube channel

12 thoughts on “Everyone’s Riding August Alsina Dick Now

  1. ok so hes not my usual type….abit skinny….but honestly theres something about him that i find attractive…and he does have an amazingly cute face lol

  2. i love how he triumphed over hardship, but honestly I’m kinda tired of these stories…as if every black person struggles some of us grow up in balanced homes surrounded with love and care…and as mentioned above i think his vocals are so-so i heard him live on wendy williams i feel he’s more of a studio artist….anywho check out Luke James that brotha is from New Orleans, is attractive and can sing someones socks and draws off lol….

  3. Don’t you miss the days when men could really really sing, not just the mediocre overly sexed lyrics and stereotypical persona of a image……REMEMBER SHAI!

    1. I so agree with this comment. I am so sick of this type of imagery, I wasnt impressed at all, sick of all this negativity in Black music today.

  4. What?! Jamari you don’t find him attractive? Do you have a fever in November? Dude is cute. I’ll lay up with him for a couple of nights.

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