Russell Simmons Ends His Legacy As “Alleged Pervert”

remember he told terry crews to “give the pervert jackal a pass”?
who knew his day was also coming?
well that day is today.
russell simmons decided it was in his best interest to step down.
he left all his companies because he was an alleged triflin ass pervert.
who is the victim?
jenny lumet,
the grand daughter of lena horne.
this is what cnn had to say…
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Everyone’s Riding August Alsina Dick Now

tumblr_mlw5z1EOmP1rpgrnko1_500so everyone has been talkin about the newest def jam singer,
august alsina.
they’re all riding him pretty hard actually.
“oh mah gawdz i want him to have my babiez n shit.”
well i was like:
“great another light skinned-ed singer with tats!”.
is he your kind of meat?…

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OMG! You Don’t Want To Feel The Wrath of #yeezus !

kanyewest-mad-jealous-about-amber-wiz-relationshipi didn’t do it,
but if you did ooooooohhhhhh….
youuuu innnnn troubbbblllleeeee…..

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