Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Want You Penis To Suffocate

no its not what you think.
russell westbrook just wants your sac to have space in your drawz.
he’s the new creative designer to kings and jaxs high end underwear line.
check out some shots from the underwear’s campaign…

tumblr_inline_mu46dklVGR1qeyonhalright rw.
i see you,
you scorpio fashion god you.
lets hope for some full blown drawz shots with sizable print in the works.
oh and today is russell’s birthday as well.
happy birthday!

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5 thoughts on “Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Want You Penis To Suffocate

  1. I don’t like his mouth region.It bugs me just like that chick’s mouth named Amina from Love and Hip-Hop.Either they were born with it or they hold their mouths that way.I doubt it’s the latter though.

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