Everybody Is Tumblring About Stephane Manga

tumblr_mnmnodoLSz1rz5vqwo1_500well i can see why…
i kept seeing this random wolf named stephane manga being reblogged on tumblr.
especially because of this:

tumblr_mppjbuRUGW1qg4uuho1_250 so i had to find out who he was.
well he ain’t nothin but your regular straight light skinned-ed pre baller wolf

i’m loving that floral shirt he has on.
someone find and send my way!
well you can’t deny stephane isn’t attractive.
his lips are the best part of the programming.
i’m sure he also swimming in new pussy as well.

stephen plays for monroe college mustangs here in ny,
eta: he is headed to seton hall.
i may have to sniff around and see how stephane handles his balls.
um basketballs perverts.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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