Stephane Manga Has A Medium Sized Pipe (Leakage)

Screen-Shot-2013-08-16-at-12.24.15-AMremember i talked about stephane manga ( x a while back )?
he is a pre baller wolf who plays basketball for seton hall.
i’m still waiting on an id for that floral shirt he had on.
well i was on tumblr and it seems he has a nice penis
stephane sent his pipe pic to the wrong one apparently.
so who wants pre baller wolf meat for dinner?!
this is also a NSFW + 18^ + “not for the online prudes”

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Everybody Is Tumblring About Stephane Manga

tumblr_mnmnodoLSz1rz5vqwo1_500well i can see why…
i kept seeing this random wolf named stephane manga being reblogged on tumblr.
especially because of this:

tumblr_mppjbuRUGW1qg4uuho1_250 so i had to find out who he was.
well he ain’t nothin but your regular straight light skinned-ed pre baller wolf

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