eric andre is inviting us to… cum inside?

some folks do things for the fun of it.
when someone does comedy,
you can expect everything they do to have a punchline.
eric andre,
seems like that type.
i hope.
the foxhole is buzzing that he has opened an onlyfans

between the picture and “i’ll do anything for 5 bucks”

let’s hope this doesn’t turn him into the joke.

check out his: onlyfans

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “eric andre is inviting us to… cum inside?”

  1. This appears to be all jokes to me… now he is showing an interesting shot of his ass spread eagle… and he’s already made about $600 in tips soooooooo we’ll see how long it stays Comedy Central…

  2. This is a different take. I have always believed that O.F. could be a great platform ( other than just sex).
    If the providers get creative, they could attract a wider audience.

    Porn is everywhere. At least he is smart enough to stay in his” comedic lane” (smile).

    Do you guys think that “Only Fans” will evolve from the sex element??

    1. It actually started out as a general site to connect w fans, before porners got ahold of it. But I think it’s alrdy seen it’s best days. They got a lot of buzz during the pandemic w ppl quarantined, but once ppl get back to a modicum of real life, the content creators and the fans will probably be less concerned w keeping up w the shits.

      Tbh, considering how most of the worthwhile content makes it onto ‘the sites’, I have a hard time believing ppl are making anywhere near as much as they claim. I know that they embellish the ‘earning potential’ based on how many social nedia followers ppl have, but when it comes to actual earning, I still have a hard time believing that enough ppl are paying these ppl for them to be ballin, esp when the scene is gonna be on myvidster in a few days. Ijs

      1. Of course they’re embellishing how much they make like most “known ppl” (such as celebs, rappers, reality stars, etc.). But I think the fact that they’re making more than a few hundred dollars a scene & the fact that they don’t have to wait around for a studio to call them to get paid to do another scene brings up their profits (to about 100K annually, before taxes). They basically own the rights to their work, so they can make money in perpetuity w/o having a studio “take out a cut”.
        Most of the ones who seem to be “living lavishly” have “roommates”, work a “regular job”, and/or do escorting on the side. And most of the stuff they flaunt is what anyone w/ a good line of credit & a steady income could do, if they wanted. They basically lease cars & homes to flaunt like a number of these YouTubers do & finally save up enough to actually own something nice.
        And while some of their stuff does get leaked on “free sites”, they still have dedicated subscribers who don’t know about it, and/or their content is quickly DMCA claimed & removed.
        But you’re absolutely right about the pandemic playing a major part in their success.

      2. Particularly good points. Your absolutely correct about its humble beginnings and its surge brought on by the pandemic. I am constantly surprised at some of the Actors, Musicians and other folks setting up an account.

  3. My secret crush. I hit subscribe so hard I almost broke the button lol He’s exactly the type to do some nasty hilarious creative shit on Onlyfans. I would fuck the afro off this nigga. Whew.

  4. Lol this dude is a freak already, a quick google search will show that he’s been butt ass naked all over the internet lol so I’m not surprised

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