Eddie Long Slicks His New Birth Down

Guess which one is the Deacon?

Eddie Long isn’t fooling me.
He can fool those idiots down at New Birth.
They are the ones paying for those lawsuits LOL.
It always kills me when people worship imperfect people.

Their leader has fucked up.
Playing Christian for credit cards.
Haven’t church people learned to STOP worshiping these false idols?
They all have some get rich quick scheme waiting in the wings.
They play off of innocent vulnerable people because they are easy targets.
He displayed typical signs of a crooked pastor…

1. Blaming the poor for their being poor
2. Asking for tax returns and social security for tithe proof
3. Bentleys, other high end cars, and private jets
4. Preaching the word with an iPad 

Then he went further by…

1. Wearing muscle shirts to preach and then sending photos of himself in same shirts to Wolves/Foxes
2. Only boys can hang with him in his office (RED FLAG)
3. Failing to deny the allegations after he was caught up
4. Settling before depositions were even heard
5. Having some Fox/Wolf with your name tattood on his arm
6. Drama surrounding mortgagae scams tax shelter scams and the list goes on

I bet you Long-Stroke did not offer any one of those church members a ride home.
I bet he did not invite them over to his house to have dinner.
But I bet you if he was to have met me at 14,
he would have been trying to stick his holy staff far down my throat.

And guess what?
A Fox would have been writing you from my brownstone in Brooklyn,
with a Baller Wolf cooking me breakfast,
calculating income from whatever business endavaurs I chose to invest my money in.

This Fox is no fool.

People need to be smarter than this.
I will pray that the legions of fans at New Birth wake up and stop removing the stink from the shit.
How many more Wolves and Foxes need to come forth for them to get a clue?

Bet they would be singing a different negro spiritual if it was their own son.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “Eddie Long Slicks His New Birth Down”

  1. And he is still on the pulpit preaching to a congregation full of ignorant ass people. Then Crefo Dollar has the odacity to stand up in front of his congregation upholding Eddie Long in his shit, and you wonder why…then he beseeches the members that fled New Birth who wanted to join his church to “go back where you belong, I don’t want you here”. Now tell me what kind of bullshit is that??? God has zero part in any of that mess; they are not attending church, they are attending a circus show every week. Get a clue and buy a damn vowel! SMH

  2. well to each his own. If they chose to stay that’s on them. Haven’t been following this story closely…In fact I was confused…Then informed that all parties were of consentual age, hence no criminal charges. I dnt knw what to say…One website posted pics of all the victims. My first thought was he had good taste (b4 this new guy came 4th). I knw that’s wrong, but is it really…i mean they were all of age and now are paid…Paid for having relations with a man…Im sorry but I’m not buying the I was young and dumb excuse…Dude was lavishing you with gifts, in turn you gave him head…They knew what they were doing…Is he wrong? Well yeah, his hair alone makes him wrong on so many levels…Hidding behing the cloth, lying to his members…Yes he’s def wrong…But…and getting back to the post…Thats there choice to stay…I used to trip off of the yes man’s at my church. Everything the pastor says…they amen’n and nodding there heads…I thought something was wrong with me for not always agreeing with or even understanding what he was saying,,,,but I came to realise aint nuthin wrong with me and aint nuthin wrong with them…If they chose to obey the pastors every word-more power to them,,,If I chose to listen to the pastor, disect what he’s saying, then either agree or roll my eyes…thats my right as well…church is complicated…the churches members are complicated…religion…the bible…its all complicated…i chose to make it work for me the best I can…church is a sanctuarary for me…i get to get away from home, away from the gossip of my family (no one callse me on sunday afternoons, they know I’m at church) that in itsself is a blessing…Yeah there are hypocrits in the church and even some that run the church,,,,but so what, hypocrites are everywhere…Yea the church may say my lifestyle is wrong, but so what, I don’t let that stop me from hearing the word every now and then or listening to some good chior singing…Maybe Eddies members feel similar? They know he’s a ______ whatever he is, but they won’t let that stop them from enjoying the word? Even if it’s coming from a liar…But hey, many of them are liars…It aint just him…

    1. Shea: I agree with you about “the hair” HEHHE and yes what they (the congreation) do is their choice. Let us not get it twisted; clergy are held at a different regard and they are expected to conduct themselves in a certain way; not perfection but to simply live a life of decency and order and not operating in a state of confusion and hypocrisy; honestly that is not much to ask for; yes the flesh is weak, we can agree on that but we these allegations become facts, then he needs to step down from the pulpit and re-group; his EGO will not let him do that, which is the same EGO that motivated him to do what he did to those young men; trust and believe he DID WHAT THEY ALLEGED HE DID!!!!! #STEP_DOWN_EDITH

      1. Very well stated. I’m not truly familiar with the case. It gets no media attn out here on the west. The blogs cover it, but only because the gay factor…So even then I just skim through yanno. So if this is about ego and not love for his congregation, he should indeed step down…

  3. Oh brother…I suppose I should have proof read that crappy essay I just posted. 4give me. I haven’t had sex in quite some time…I do know the difference between their and there, and can usually spell.smh I’ll refrain from drinking at lunch next time I decide to reply…

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